NYTimes: New Jersey warming?

In an editorial today hitting New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for dropping out of the Northeast cap-and-trade program, the New York Times stated:

The Northeast state compact will survive Mr. Christie’s exit. It is New Jersey that will be the poorer, with less to invest in smarter energy programs, more carbon dioxide and a leadership vacancy at its helm. [Emphasis added]

New Jersey will have “more carbon dioxide”? Hey, we bet that even Mitt Romney would know that the scare is “global warming” not “New Jersey warming.”

7 thoughts on “NYTimes: New Jersey warming?”

  1. Last winter was so cold I bought myself several new jerseys to wear with my dress shirts, just to keep warm. 🙂

  2. While there are areas in the world that are adding to the atmospheric trace levels of CO2, North America is not any of those places.

    There are peer revied scientific papers, never refuted, done by well recognized teams of Scientists at New Jerseys’ own Princeton University, that revealed that North America is a the world’s largest Net CO2 sink in the world. It is three times as effective in removing all the CO2 that Mankind or Nature emits in North America, than the Amozon rainforest does in removing CO2 in South America.

    We have already made the sacrifices in terms of land set asides. We call then Wildernesses, National Forests and P-A-R-K-S ! The US has more land set for these dual-use, bio-sequestration uses, as set-asides than all of the area of the orignal thirteen colonies at the time of the Revolution. It may not seem that way, but I live in a western state where only 17% of the land is open to humanity, and we are far from the largest such State. This does not include all the private woodlands, ranchland, and farms, that also sequester CO2.

    So in spite of all the drivel from ignorant, green wackos, North America has already done all that it needs to do, and a lot more besides. Go campaign for CO2 reductions in Eurasia, if that floats your boat; it doesn’t apply here as New Jersey’s scientists have proved.

  3. How can one call the NYT the goal standard for journalism, when they publish obvious political crap like this. Wondering what they are going to say about Germany and nuclear power. The Green party is the new Nazi’s. Just hope they don’t try to start a war over CO2.

  4. new jersey will be poorer with less to invest in smart er energy programs ???? those are welfare jobs that screw up the real jobs , that reinforce this foolish garbage called enviromentalism . these people are crazy !!

  5. tsk, tsk, tsk.
    poor ol’ new jersey; ‘specially as they’ll have to pay less for the ‘lectricity an’ all too, as well as the shame of not being as smart and oh so sophisticated as those european fellows with all that fabulous non-base load power.

  6. Dear NYT – Unlike Truth, which seems to completely avoid 620 Eighth Avenue, CO2 is, thank God, fungible.

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