Enviros wrong on Keystone pipeline greenhouse gas emissions

Enviro activists are apoplectic that the Obama State Department has dismissed their concerns about the Keystone (tar sands) pipeline resulting in increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

While it’s true that the pipeline will result more GHG emissions (just as tapping any new source of fossil fuels does), the enviros err in assuming that if the pipeline isn’t built, GHG emission from tar sands won’t occur.

The enviros are wrong because the tar sands are going to be developed anyway whether Keystone is constructed or not. If the tar sands crude isn’t bought by American oil refiners, it will be pipelined someplace else, sold on the world market and turned into useful energy and GHG emissions by, say, the Chinese or Indians.

What America will miss out on is the benefits of the pipeline — 118,000 jobs and associated economic benefits.

If even the anti-fossil fuel Obama administration understands the value of the pipeline, then that just goes to show how extreme the enviros really are.

5 thoughts on “Enviros wrong on Keystone pipeline greenhouse gas emissions”

  1. Along with what Phil said, they want you on public transport in order to save something or other. Mostly because it’s a “cause” and it will “save” something important like the polar bears and the Earth, doncha know…?

    All the useful idiots are handing the keys, bullets, bayonets, and rifles to the bad guys who will use them to control us utterly. They think they’ll be wearing the armbands and carrying the shock sticks. For some it’ll come true. The rest will become Soylent Green along with us. idiots.

  2. They seek to increase the price – and that is what angers them. The pipeline will lower the cost over other means of transportation, so the greens lie about what they are protesting against in order to garner more support.

  3. Calling them “tar sands” is incorrect. Tar is a dark, sticky, processed product. The environmentalist industry uses the image of huge open pits of tar to their political and financial advantage. The oil sands are comprised of bitumen, a naturally occurring concoction of oil and sand with the consistency of rough peanut butter.

  4. You shouldn’t import oil from Canada via pipeline because that is polluting, and you can drill for it the US because that is polluting, so we should import oil from countries that sponsor jihadi terrorism.

    My question is: “What is wrong with those people (so called “environmentalists”), are they insane, in the pay of the family Sa’ud, or just bloody minded?”

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