Does air pollution cause breast cancer?

University of Buffalo researchers claim to have linked air pollution with increased risk of breast cancer.

Though I haven’t received a copy of the study yet, I feel confident in rushing to condemn it as junk science.

As there’s no credible evidence that even heavy smoking (i.e., lots of “toxins” inhaled deeply for decades) increases breast cancer risk, why would ambient air be a risk factor?

2 thoughts on “Does air pollution cause breast cancer?”

  1. I appreciate your skepticism, but there is a plausible mechanism for relating air pollution to breast cancer rates. Sulfuric air pollution blocks ultraviolet light, leading to a reduction in vitamin D production. Vitamin D prevents breast cancer. So I don’t think this is junk science. Air pollution might also, on the positive side, reduce the effect of greenhouse gases, by cooling the planet by blocking sunlight.

  2. Yeah, just like air pollution supposedly “causes” high cholesterol and autism. They blame everything on it because regulation of air pollution, just like regulating Co2, would give greenies a lot of control over our lives. Also, demonizing air pollution gives them an excuse to push for expensive, taxpayer funded “public” transportation schemes.

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