Sen. cRockefeller misleads public on McConnell amendment

While demagoguing the McConnell amendment to block EPA regulation of greenhouse gases this afternoon, Sen. Jay Rockefeller repeatedly lied to the public by claiming that the McConnell amendment would “permanently” block the EPA from acting on greenhouse gases — regardless of what happened in the future in terms of scientific knowledge about climate.

This, of course, is not true and Sen. Rockefeller knows better. That is, whatever law is passed today, can be amended or repealed in the future. The McConnell amendment simply blocks the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases until Congress gives the agency the legal authority.

Read more about Sen. cRockefeller’s game at Stop EPA Now!.

Pitt prof caught off base in new frack attack

University of Pittsburgh assistant professor Conrad (Dan) Volz issued a report on March 21 to scientists and the U.S. EPA claiming that natural gas industry is dumping carcinogenic agents into drinking water. Continue reading Pitt prof caught off base in new frack attack

Further update on Oregon Dems attack skeptic’s kids

Crunch time: Payback machine grinding GOP candidate’s kids


Earlier this month, WND broke the sensational story in which Art Robinson – the noted scientist who challenged Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio for Oregon’s 4th District congressional seat in November –alleged some extraordinarily nasty post-election political retribution was underway against his children.

Mass murderer, nitwit defend EPA

Former Republican EPA administrators William Ruckelshaus and Christine Todd Whitman authored the op-ed below that appeared in today’s Washington Post.

Ruckelshaus’ unjustified ban of DDT in 1972 has led to the deaths of tens of millions of Africans. Whitman is an airhead — at the time she was appointed as EPA administrator, she actually didn’t know the difference between global warming and ozone depletion. When an interviewer asked for her views on the state of global warming science in December 2000, Whitman replied,

“‘Clearly, there’s a hole in the ozone, but I saw a study the other day that showed that that was closing.”

Anyway, below is their op-ed with our comments in [bracketed bold]. Continue reading Mass murderer, nitwit defend EPA

When do EVs become economical?

From “Pull the Plug on Electric Car Subsidies” in today’s Wall Street Journal:

If you’re looking for a car that makes good economic sense in these tough times, PEVs simply don’t make the grade. Unless crude oil prices rise close to $300 per barrel and battery costs fall by 75%, a PEV is more expensive than a gasoline-powered vehicle.

… and neither, let alone both, will be happening any time soon.

EPA pays American Lung Association to attack GOP?

“The American Lung Association has targeted House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton for his efforts to stop U.S. EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions by placing billboards within sight of his district offices linking climate change with increased childhood asthma,” reports E&E News PM.

But as we reported last week in “EPA owns the American Lung Association,” the EPA has paid the American Lung Association over $20 million in the last ten years, and has paid the ALA many more millions in a symbiotic relationship going back to at least 1990.

The EPA-ALA relationship works something like this: EPA pays the ALA and, in return, the ALA agitates for more stringent EPA air quality regulation, including by lawsuit. Now the ALA is attacking a politician who is aiming to rein in the out-of-control agency.

In addition to defunding National Public Radio, the House GOP should look at the EPA’s funding of American Lung Association. This abuse of taxpayer money is also a good subject for watchdog Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA).

EPA's mercury-heart disease claim debunked

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine today debunks the EPA-claimed link between exposure to mercury and cardiovascular disease.

Click here for the study abstract.

This study is important as it debunks part of the EPA’s rationale for its recently proposed clamp down on mercury and other emissions from power plants.

Click here for the proposed rule excerpt in which the EPA discusses its view of the methymercury-heart disease data.

Clearing the air on EPA's Supreme Court 'mandate'

Not that it takes much to confuse Republican politicians more than they already are about the EPA and its regulation of greenhouse gases (GHGs), but the Greenwire article below tries to sow further confusion by claiming that Republicans are at least partially responsible for the confusion over whether the Supreme Court forced the EPA to regulate GHGs. Our comments are [bracketed in bold]. Continue reading Clearing the air on EPA's Supreme Court 'mandate'