Stop EPA Now!

The Obama administration and its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is out to destroy the coal industry through its new greenhouse gas regulations. Americans need to take action to stop the Obama EPA NOW!

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) recently introduced the Energy Tax Prevention Act of 2011 (S.482) to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.

But Sen. Jay Rockefeller is leading the charge to defend President Obama, his job-killing EPA and the anti-coal, radical environmentalist agenda. Sen. Rockefeller has introduced a phony bill that would ostensibly delay the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulations for two years.

Aside from a two-year delay being a meaningless gesture, Sen. Rockefeller’s bill is providing coal-state Democrats with a lame excuse for not supporting S. 482. Senator Rockefeller’s two-year delay permits Senate Democrats to say they are taking a stand against EPA regulation when in reality they are simply standing by as the thuggish Obama EPA uses junk science, junk economics and its unchecked regulatory power to bulldoze the coal industry out of existence.

Not only does coal safely and inexpensively provide about 45 percent of America’s electricity, but it directly supports more than 87,000 workers and their families. Moreover, each coal job supports as many as ten (10) indirect jobs (and families), and is a cornerstone of American energy independence.

ACTION TO TAKE: Call, e-mail or visit Sen. Rockefeller and tell him to support S. 482.

The Obama EPA must be stopped NOW, before more havoc is wreaked on workers, families, our energy supply and economy.

4 thoughts on “Stop EPA Now!”

  1. I have asked my Representative to eliminate the EPA, Dept of Energy, Dept of Education, Dept of The Interior (sell fed land), Dept of Commerce and on and on.
    A small, poor gov is good and a big rich gov is poor. Our Government is too big, too busy, too powerful. Multitasking does not work for gov or people. Too many tasks leave all badly done.

  2. What is the point of buying CFLs, insulating, driving less, sorting garbage, using less electricity, buying smart devices that manage power to save $10s of dollars on energy bills when the fed is going to slap $100s if not $1000s on us in the form of nuisance energy taxes.

    This is why I say go green, but not for the PC bullpucky. Instead, do it to starve the fed and states of tax dollars. Simply avoid any of these services as much as possible. Avoid all voluntary taxes. If you don’t smoke or buy smokes from indiean reservations you starve the gov. Drive less… less gas tax.

    The fed rigged the game. We all played by the rules. We cut down. We bought the bulbs. We insulated. We listened and did all the hype and the fed then comes along and just wipes out all our efforts and imposes a draconian tax we all know won’t be used to fight any environmental issue but will probably be used to pay off gov debt we never incurred. So I say STARVE THEM OF TAX DOLLARS. Do as they say and RAM IT down their throats.

  3. This is how the global warming alarmists are harming environmentalism as a whole. Yes, we all want clean air and clean water, no want wants the world to die. The EPA was set up to prevent abuse of the environment, so that we did not have another Love Canal, another Cuyahoga River fire, etc. They did that superbly, but they do not seem to understand nowadays that they were to prevent abuse, not control others, which is what they are doing now, and because of that the entire agency is in danger of going under.

  4. this new law epa rrp rule lead paint should be repealed it is going to put bussiness out of bussiness

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