American Academy of Pediatrics prioritizes fear over facts

The American Academy of Pediatrics this week issued a ““Policy Statement — Chemical-Management Policy: Prioritizing Children’s Health.” If this is what pediatrics is becoming, maybe Christian Scientists have a point.

The statement calls for new legislation to protect children from the “tens of thousands of chemicals that are in commerce.”

The statement, however, cites no evidence that any child or pregnant woman has ever been harmed by legal use of chemicals — and that’s because, despite many efforts to find such harm, none exists. There is no evidence that children are more, or especially vulnerable to chemicals.

Also disturbing about the statement is its reliance on studies from the extremist Environmental Working Group.

The statement urges pediatricians to become advocates for new chemical policies. If your pediatrician wastes your time with this drivel, find a new one who’s too busy with patients with real health conditions to pay attention to the AAP’s junk science-based propaganda.

4 thoughts on “American Academy of Pediatrics prioritizes fear over facts”

  1. These clowns see an Auto-da-Fe of sorts with them in the robes. They want to copy the chemical insanity in the EU where things that have been used for centuries (or at least decades) have to be each and every one PROVED to be harmless. Imagine how many bureaucrats that will employ in reviewing the silliness.

    There ought to be a bounty on these jerks.

  2. Craig,

    You forgot to mention that it is extremely dangerous at high temperatures, and thousands are scalded each year when it comes in contact with human skin at common cooking temperatures. We must ban this extremely hazardous material!

  3. Thousands of kids and adults die each year from inhaling dihydrogen oxide- and this stuff is literally in nearly every liquid found in every household- even in products made for human consumption. Below 32 degrees, it becomes sharp as a knife, and hard as a rock. People are killed every year either directly or indirectly from this stuff in it’s solid form. We need our government to help us with this menace!

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