Skeptics beating Al Gore: Dem advisors say drop global warming as lead message

A public relations firm advising Democrats on climate legislation says that global warming alarmism needs to be dropped.

According to a memo from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, global warming should not be used as the “primary frame”:

Awareness about global warming is broad, and some in the public are seriously concerned about it. But almost no one in our groups expressed such concern; for most voters, global warming is not significant enough on its own to drive support for major energy reform. So while it can be part of the story that reform advocates are telling, global warming should be used only in addition to the broader economic frame, not in place of it.

Now you know why the skeptics were more than delighted to have Al Gore as the leading messenger for global warming alarmism.

BTW, the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner also notes that the term “green” should be dropped:

“Green” is meaningless or confusing — the term “clean” resonates with voters.

So does this mean that Steve Milloy will need to re-title his new book “Clean Hell“?

26 thoughts on “Skeptics beating Al Gore: Dem advisors say drop global warming as lead message”

  1. Why doesn’t anybody talk about the technology involved? I’m not the smartest tool in the shed but I trust my senses. Out here in Indiana this November 2009 I have hear really loud microwave sounds that I’ve never heard in my life. I have heard sounds that have a hollow or 3d sound to them that I’ve also never heard before. I hear these sounds no matter whether I am near Chicago, In central indiana or in Cincinatti ohio. Same bizarre sounds. I see 3d electric field things in the air that look literally like 3d horizontal lines that are jagged. I am seriously not a quack, I have really smart parents, I have a degree, I’ve had great jobs programming thousands of lines of code. I see really wierd things… why isn’t anyone bringing this up? Global Warming is orchestrated by technology. It’s not real, it’s not naturally created, so therefore it must be a technological hoax.

  2. It is the same game nothing has changed except the name it is a lie and nothing more I don’t care if they call it “captain kangaroo” it is nothing more but a scam for all the money they can carry . no name change will change the agenda it is still the same and we have not won anything yet . but may be we can still have an effect by writing our congress and senators. so write em tell’em what you think.

  3. Moonbats convince themselves that many of their favorite fantasies are reality. For example, they routinely convince themselves that they are marching at the head of a Mighty Parade, when, in fact, no one at all is following them. And if you notice the lack of participation and report it to them, their inevitable response is, “Well, they SHOULD be behind us, the STUPID FOOLS!”

  4. Expect things to get confusing during the upcoming lawsuit against “Clean Elections” for being biased toward the “Clean Party.” 🙂

  5. The irony of the matter is that an increase in CO2 causes a reduction in water vapor which is a far better absorber of heat energy from sunlight than CO2 by a factor of 1500 if you compare the absorption curves and analyze with E = (h X c)/w where E is energy, h is Planks constant and w is wavelength. With the cooling sun we are going into a long overdue ice age, if anything.

  6. Really. If the “Demos” drop global warming to stay in power (and if it ain’t workin’ they will), wonder what all the “true believer” Useful Idiots will do. They then will not be “useful” for that phony-baloney cause any more. We could see a great increase in mental and emotional collapses among these idiots, to the extent that such has not already happened. Well, I predict they will then find some other phony-baloney cause to become Useful Idiots for. After all, once a Useful Idiot, always a Useful Idiot, or so it seems. I doubt very many of them will try to enlighten themselves on the true scientific method and will therefore come to see how TheAlGore bamboozled all of them. No. Once, always.

  7. Gore is confused; he is the quack. As far as ‘clean’ goes that is also a hoax. The Waxman – Marley bill is for one thing and one thing only – MONEY! AS far as CO2 goes it doesn’t create pollution or higher temperatures it is caused by higher temps. Keep in mind that without CO2 for flora to absorb we have no O2.

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