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Global warming means snow, more or less

The Weather Channel muddles through winter, extreme weather and snow from the crystal ball of modeling and simulations. Continue reading

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U. S. Auditors say Obama’s climate math checks out. Continue reading

Roger Simon tells the climate hoax story

So the bamster is warming up to force more enviro nonsense.

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Bend the rules for Tesla while sticking it to IC engine drivers

New California “carbon” taxes are set to raise fuel prices by as much as $1.30/gallon.  If you are a favored industry they will exempt you from environmental rules. Continue reading

A new reason for the Clean Power Plan

Increasing power prices is a social justice issue for people of color.  Continue reading

Another case of pen and phone imperial presidency?

Obama pursuing climate accord instead of treaty because the Senate won’t ratify a treaty. Continue reading

Sunspots cause warming, wanna know how?

So here’s the deal–cosmic rays cause clouds to form that reduces warming because it blocks the sun.

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