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More scaremongering on the Antarctic Ice is debunked

Here we go.

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Hillary will be a worse enviro fanatic? How is that possible–Marita explains

Marita Noon always seems to come up with interesting commentary.

This one is alarming–I know that Hillary isn’t the origin of these ideas–she gets advice from fanatics in every area of policy making.

Link to: Hillary’s energy plan is like Obama’s Clean Power Plan on steroids

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Anti-science warmers spit and howl but ignore the evidence and reject the scientific method

I do get tired of all these confident people who are blinded by their intellectual passions.

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Saving the planet, one cow at a time

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And I thought the military was an all weather, all terrain force

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Need some sea level rise propaganda?

Use new mapping graphics and dial your sea level rise scare.  This one picked 8 feet, why not 9, 10, 12 or higher?  Continue reading

Some good info on humidity, relative humidity, dew points and such

I liked this essay. Great info on the original hygrometer.

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