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Exclusive Report from UCLA: Michael Mann stunned when asked about Nobel prize fakery

Here is an exclusive and detailed account of the UCLA Hammer Museum event featuring hokey stick inventor Michael Mann. —>

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Sea Level rise the height of a man?

The headlines say sea level could rise the height of a man, the text says only a 5% chance.  Your latest propaganda from contemplations on seal level rise. Continue reading

John Coleman exposes the lie of the IPCC

This creepy journalist did her best to hold up the position of the IPCC that catastrophe awaits, even if there was a pause and the models don’t work.

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Major, heavily glaciated Himalayan range has stable and even GROWING GLACIERS, says Nature study

Remember Glacier-gate? Continue reading

The ultimate in saving the planet?

“Don’t print this”  green tag lines cost energy.  Continue reading

Common sense from Roy Spencer on “Change”

I can’t repeat this enough–Roy Spencer is a wise man.

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Aussies reject climate models as proven to be unreliable

We knew that.

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