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Cold is warm, warm is cold, say the warmers

They think that the coldest November in a long time is just a prelude to the warmest year.  I am Michael Jordan and can dunk with both hands.

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The Upper Mississippi is closed for business

I recently visited the Mississippi for my high school reunion–drove down from Minneapolis to Prairie du Chien in Southern Wisconsin–might impressive to see.

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WAPO has a new lefty chatterer with a degree in English, who is a climate prognosticator

Chris Mooney is a young and stupid man–but what’s new in the journalism business about that?

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World Bank is populated by baaafoons?

They say that climate change will keep them from helping the poor–or could it be–politics?

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Bankers bet on warming? Let’s see–can we trust them?

The World Bank, staffed up with lefties–predicts warming catastrophe–and I am supposed to believe people who can’t balance a checkbook?

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Thicker, mo’ better ice in Antarctica–warmers lose again

I am not hoping for more ice and cold for them fine little Emperor Penguings, but I do like to see the warmers take another hit on their precious theories and modeling.

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Doom and gloom from the World Bank

A global temperature rise of 1.5°C is a lock.  Droughts, sea level rise and coral reef destruction is assured.  Continue reading