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More Criticism of the Royal Society position on warming

On Saint Patrick’s day i applauded Dr. Kelly for his critique of the Royal Society.

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Grand Inquisitor Grijalva just got a message from John Christy

I know Christy, not a man to disregard–a man of courage, fortitude, and integrity.

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Another one for the list?

Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) says climate change could cause women to barter sex for food.  Continue reading

Basic stuff on warm from Idso–study in Pakistan

More on my favorite subject–warm be good for humans.

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Daily caller alert- people don’t think warming is worth a bucket of warm spit?

That’s a paraphrase or maybe even a quote from a politician’s comment about the position of vice president.
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Ok, I won’t deny there is a climate

The presiding Bishop if the US Episcopal Church says climate change is a moral imperative.  Obviously this “climate change” is a matter of religion and not science. Continue reading

Not what I do, but what I say

President Obam’s sea level rise pronouncements and actions seem to be really at odds.  Continue reading