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Another Fake Nobel Bites the Dust — UDelaware’s John Byrne

Yes. JunkScience has taken away another fake Nobel Prize. Continue reading

Cruz takes down Sierra Pres clown

I like this.

It’s why they don’t like to debate us. They are factless, clueless, evidenceless, but confident that they are right.

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Global warming’s fake Nobel claims bite the dust

My latest on Breitbart… Continue reading

Running Away: Yet another fake Nobel claims bites the dust, courtesy of

The University of Montana’s Steve Running has been de-Nobeled. Continue reading

Paul Driessen discusses the Pope’s crusade of foolishness, another terrible development

Pope Francis has completed his tour of the United States, and I gave a dozen radio interviews on his visit, his encyclical, and his ideas about energy, climate change, economic development, and improving the lives of poor people everywhere. Hopefully my article will generate spirited discussion … and an actual “conversation which includes everyone” – to quote His Holiness – instead of just another lecture or continued cries about climate cataclysms by the closed circle of environmentalist advisors with whom he has thus far surrounded himself.

Thank you for posting my article, quoting from it, and forwarding it to your friends and colleagues.

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The Carbon Liar’s Club

Editors note. I had trouble getting the links provided by Seldon to stick when published. Master of the WebSite Milloy helped me out.

The Carbon Liars Club

By Seldon B. Graham, Jr.

The Democratic Party is a “Carbon Liar’s Club” supporting the man-made global warming hoax. It has been that way since President Obama came to office. Continue reading

Ivy League History professor gets stupid about the climate debate–yells Nazi

There is, as Roger Kimball notes, a terrible tendency of people in a debate to allude to Nazis to describe the opponent, however the left also like to call people racist/homophobe/bigot/chauvanist pig.

So here we go, a Yale history professor who is a wacko warmer, Tim Snyder, writes and gets published by the pathetic rag fish wrap NYT. I say pathetic because throughout history the Times has been on the wrong side, Por Stalin, pro commie, pro Castro, antisemitic, racialist, socialist, protecting despots and murderers, now in full defensive array on behalf of the savage muslims and the most anti American POTUS ever, the bamster.

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