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A new climate tipping point

The IPCC has issued a new climate tipping point in 15 years if we don’t act immediately.  Continue reading

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VA Supreme Court Rules For Mann

The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that Mann’s emails are exempt from FOIA because they are “research.”

Are atolls static or dynamic?

Two views on sea level rise and coral atolls.  Continue reading

Clean energy for national security

Forbes has four ways the military can use clean energy for national security.  Force readiness and capability doesn’t seem to be included.  Continue reading

XL was always dead–Community Agitator in Charge

The XL pipeline gets too much response.

Alinsky said rub a sore.

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US greenhouse gas emissions down

US GHG emissions are down almost 10% during the period 2005 through 2012, putting the US more than halfway toward the 2020 goal.  Would you know that by listening to our leaders? Continue reading

Sea level rise and public infrastructure

How to use sea level rise to push for more spending on infrastructure.  Probably federal, not local. Continue reading

Journalist Predicts Cold Winter will produce More Allergies.

Here’s some overpumped environmentalist trying to make some more crisis, claiming allergies will be worse after the cold winter.

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pH <7 is acidic, take 2

Just a few “acidic ocean” posts after the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences post. Continue reading

pH >7 is acidic

At least according to the Australian Institute of Marine Sciences.  Continue reading

Maine Gov rejects alternative Energy Proposal

Good reaction to a stupid me too project.

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John Coleman Retires–Salud

I have a great affection and respect for John Coleman.

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IPCC Fatal Conceit Quite Incurable

Fatal Conceit is a delusion–delusions are misbegotten beliefs and ideas. IPCC is certifiably kooky

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Cameron is Bat. . . . Crazy on Climate Enviro Issues

Indeed he is and this new Movie of his shows how, like Gates and Buffett and so many others, rich doesn’t immunize from stupid about politics or science.

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Working Group III Report

Cut global GHG emissions by 50% by 2050 control the climate to <2°C temperature rise with a barely noticeable impact on the economy.  Continue reading

Let’s Look at the Reality on Climate

I get bored a little, pointing out the insanity of the lefty climate nuts.

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Forget 97% we now have >99.9%

A historical analysis of climate change shows at least 99.9% certainty that it is anthropogenic.  Continue reading

First climate change victim?

The headline makes it sound like the first modern era climate change extinction.  The story is somewhat different.  Continue reading

Barone warns of predictions

Michael Barone, political pundit, takes down the current settled science and presumptions.

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Future Proof?

Future proof seems to be a new term in the lexicon of climate alarmists.  I missed the repeal of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Continue reading