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Zero carbon future, British style

Christopher Booker looks at the Government’s dreams and reality.  Continue reading

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Another tipping point

NOAA has come up with a sea level rise tipping points.  A matter of definition based on nuisance flooding.  Or, if you live in a low-lying coastal area you might see a nuisance flood. Continue reading

Model fail

Knappenberger and Michaels quantify the mismatch between models and observations. Continue reading

IPCC waffles on anthro part

Could it really be about the planet–and maybe we aren’t so important after all.

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Tim Ball speaks to the junk academics/researchers/modelers

He has a good take off point–Jon Gruber. This essay is outstanding.

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Electricity rates in Northeast soar

Even the NYT notices such things, and then keeps pursuing a crash course?

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Germany has a suicidal streak

Energy is essential to an advanced economy. Germany is and should continue to be the strongest economy in Europe.

However, they keep nippin’ on the poison kool aid of green ideology. They even have a commie green party in the government.

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