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I know you think the warmers are cheating–here’s some more evidence

Delingpole shows the “adjustments” that have been made.

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I owe you this one–Sierra Rayne says precip in the NE is in the range of usual

I know that record this and that is what the Weather Channel is all about–but Sierra takes a look at the evidence.

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Timing is everything

McCarthy predicts climate change to affect winter sports just before the NE blizzard hits.  Continue reading

From the global warming causes everything file

Winter storm Juno caused by global warming.  Continue reading

Let’s review the climate science that the lefty greens rely on–woops–wrong math?

You can’t make this stuff up.

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Look at this crappy commentary at Science 2.0

I am just amazed. I have always thought that Science 2.0 was a reliable source of commentary.

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Sam Karnick, Chris Monckton, provide some push back to warmer claims

I have worked with and respect Sam Karnick, a fine and intelligent fellow who speaks for our side eloquently.

Of course my high opinion of Monckton is well known.

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