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A poll of Americans shows the climate panicmongers out of touch with the majority

How is it that climate people are so devoted to their casue, think about Eric Hoffer–unhappy anxious people look for a cause.

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Sierra Rayne debunks WAPO claims of warming in Missouri

Sierra takes down Phillip Bump’s claims–WAPO really is goofy.

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Headlines by picking time scale

The meteorological sea level rise in the Mediterranean is either negative or positive depending on the time scale, so the headline picks the positive.  Continue reading

Poll: Only 5% of Americans think global warming is most important issue

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Magic weather control rays?

New York is installing high tech weather stations to “combat” extreme weather.  Continue reading

Study: Little Ice Age was GLOBAL

This study debunks Michael Mann’s deletion of the Little Ice Age in his hokey stick. Continue reading

ATTENTION–ATENCION–we are now up to 66 excuses for the pause

Modelers need excuses when they miss the mark.

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