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Drafting Error?

Is the Clean Power Plan illegal because it is regulated under the wrong section of the Clean Air Act? Continue reading

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Clean energy California delusions

Just a few questions on the Stanford study to power California totally with renewable energy. Continue reading

That lucky old Sun, just rolling round heaven all day

Chinese say sun. I say–right.

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Cold is lethal, cool is toxic, and the warming fanatics talk about catastrophe from warming?

I gave a lecture on warming human health effects at the 2014 Heartland Climate Change conference in Las Vegas.

Warm is good for living things and we should hope these clowns are right and that the planet is goin’ to warm, but we can’t trust them because they can’t keep their promises.

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Junk science from the fanatics–a claim that they have found an increase–and it’s what?

I am always amazed at the stuff these clowns put out.

And then I wait for Spencer, Heller, or Rayne to debunk their claims.

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Temp around the world varies a bunch

And what is “normal” or “ideal” for whereever?

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The Cost of Delaying Action to Stem Climate Change

The White House climate change propaganda report published to coincide with the Senate hearing out.  The report seems to be something along the lines of climate insurance and looking active even if it has no effect. Continue reading

Witch hunting by climate hucksters

Roger Pielke gets the treatment for saying what is obvious–more value, more damage from weather events.

Not climate catastrophe, weather.

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3°C from the “carbon” rules?

A new PR push on the “carbon” reduction from power plants rule sure makes it seem like they are claiming that, until you read the sentence carefully. Continue reading

Enviro outfit has dyslexia?

Joe Bast helps to expose the illiterate and innumerate nature of fanatics who support the warming crusade.

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Sea ice experts make astonishing admissions to polar bear specialists

Bob Greene:

We rely on models that can’t predict the future?

Originally posted on polarbearscience:

Climate scientists specializing in future sea ice predictions made some remarkable statements to polar bear scientists at their last meeting – admissions that may really surprise you.

USFWS_PolarBearNews2013_pg5 labeled

Back on June 26 (reported here), the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group (PBSG) posted a summary of its last meeting. So, I was very surprised to find (while there looking for something else), that on 18 July 2014 they had added minutes from the meeting to that summary.

These minutes are a bonanza because among the juicy nuggets of information is a summary of what the three invited climate scientists from Colorado (Jennifer Kay, Mark Serreze, and Marika Holland) had to say and what questions were asked. While real transparency would have involved posting copies of the sea ice presentations and transcripts of the question and answer sessions, this is certainly better than nothing.

I’ve pulled some quotes from the minutes…

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Over the Hill rhetoric?

Forget global warming, climate change and climate disruption.  Now we have climate haymaker. Continue reading

Hypocrisy on the left of me, hypocrisy on the right–censorship by fanatics

I know Pat Michaels and David Legates–both honorable and intelligent scientists.

Who disagree with the arrogant warmers

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Anthropocene defaunation

Are at the beginning of the sixth great extinction?  Some seem to think so. Continue reading

Climate change and North Dakota corn

The increased production of corn in North Dakota has been attributed to climate change. Sierra Rayne says the numbers don’t quite add up.

Doin’ some Trey Gowdy roughhouse on EPA junk science

Everyone, including my lawyer friends, admires the examinations of hostile witnesses by Congressman Trey Gowdy. The man is a master of cadence and emphasis and strategy in the art of colloquy.

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Dr. Hayhoe puts up a scam

Sierra Rayne tries, again, to explain why trend lines and claims of the warmers must be analyzed for veracity.

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Roy Spencer does psychoanalysis on warmers

From the desk and brain of the great Roy Spencer, a new mathematical formula that will help you gain a clear understanding of the climate change and warming crusaders. How to predict temps based on other political and economic factors.

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Climate record claims dissected and debunked by Sierra

Rules for statistical analysis are explained by Sierra Rayne to help analyze claims about hottest ever and such.

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Sierra Rayne is looking like a giant of a man

I just can’t believe how Rayne get’s after it day after day–this is one of his most comprehensive and enlightening essays yet, and that means really, really good.


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