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A new term in the climate lexicon?

Forget the Middle East, Ukraine and Africa, the biggest security threat is climate fragility.   I’m sure it will be the term of choice when our inestimable Secretary of State picks it up at the G7. Continue reading

Fred Singer discusses Paree episode of son of Kyoto

I like Fred’s analysis, it hits the high points and he get’s inside the bamster’s head a little.

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Judith Curry on Mark Levin–I think she’s pissed

Who am I, but a man of experience and intelligence, to consider the reason why Judith Curry, climate scientist and Chair of Enviro Science at Georgia Tech would go on the Mark Levin Radio Show at 6:30 pm on 4-15-15 to talk about her testimony before congress in the previous 24 hours, condemning the warmer hype?

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Judith Curry moves to becoming a pariah in the house that green built

She is a courageous scientist and a decent person with scientific integrity–gotta be censured by the establishment–maybe indicted for a crime of speaking the truth to the green machine?

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Donald Kendal of Heartland exposes the green lefty misanthrope dark side

The reason for the enviro crusade is that they think humans are a cancer on the earth.

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Charles Battig comments on a silly anesthesia warmer scare

The extremely small amount of gas produced by anesthesia is now being pointed to as a warming factor by Yale physicians.


Not enough and no discernable effect. Theoretical scare by some enviro compliance officer in the Medical School at New Have.

Charles Battig, anesthesiologist, responds.

The doc’s have their marching orders and are tackling climate change

Fresh from the White House conference, Linda Rudolph, MD, MPH, is out spreading the message.  Continue reading