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Singer on mitigating cooling and preventing ice age harm

Fred Singer provides comments on methods to reduce the harm of planetary cooling and impacts of decreased solar activity bringing on an ice age.

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Commenters shame Science Mag–shilling for the warmer research scammers

Fred Singer puts up the comments to the Science bust the warming pause “adjustments” to the surface temps.

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Dalai Lama–Buddhist mystical pantheist–got to go green with Red Popey

What a surprise–my my.

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John Coleman waxes eloquent on climate scares and apocalyptic scares

I have always been a fan of John Coleman, my favorite weatherman ever, even back to 45 plus years ago when he was on Channel 7 in Omaha and I was in college and medical school.

John is still up and at ’em and an effective lecturer and writer. There is no more likable man, but he will not be rolled by rhetorical and scientific charlatans.

He founded the good Weather Channel but it has gone off the tracks–trying to be the weather station for the lefty statist environmentalist totalitarians. The Weather Channel now is an agit prop mouthpiece for enviros.

Here we go:

Indur Goklany–expert’s expert on human welfare and effects of environmental events, condemns big Red Popey

It has been my pleasure and honor to be on panels with Indur Goklany and introduce him as a reigning and renowned expert on human welfare and effects of weather and environmental events on human quality of life as well as death effects.

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Gates asserts the obvious–wind and solar are stupid

He admits nuke is a good energy source, but he advocates for research and development–why doesn’t he look into whether there is any risk at all from CO2?

Doesn’t he have good researchers available to him?

Climate change to stunt pink salmon?

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