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Bad winter for NY, that’s what’ll get their attention for a nanosecond.

There is no saving these socialists from their delusions that environmentalism will deliver the power to their people.

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Greenpeace evil says a founder, Patrick Moore PhD

I would agree, since I do believe they are committed to a perverse and evil political system–socialism.

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Warming fails again–UK faces big FREEZE

Why am I concerned, after all the models are working well. Hope the Brits have something more than wind turbines to keep things warm.

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Extreme weather events in 2013. Low Low Low

No surprise if you watch even the hyperventilating Weather Channel.

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More Clean Power Plan reactions–this time from Virginia’s Dominion Power

This is not going to be nice.

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An increase in variability means a decrease?

Well, that’s how the decrease in tornadoes is explained in Science.  After all, climate change is supposed to increase tornadoes, so when that doesn’t happen we get an increase in variability.  Continue reading

NERA study on the cost of the Clean Power Plan

We mentioned the NERA study.

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