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Might I suggest this paper supports what Indur Goklany has been saying, prosperity improves adaptibility

Our ability to deal with weather and flood and wind events is directly related to infrastructure, that is dependent on prosperity.

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What’s Really Melting: Obama’s Alaskan Lie

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John Beale, favorite of Gina McCarthy and Brenner at the EPA–goes to jail on million dollar fraud

Stan Young sent me this news item.

I think Beale was an agent for the enviros–but most of the high level EPA officials are.

He had a big role to play in air pollution science fraud.
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James Taylor shoots down lies from Environmental Defense Fund on warming

Nice work, James, but I expect such excellent analysis from a guy who has been in the trenches on this battle for so many years. Your work is inestimable and you are invaluable.
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Greenland ice increases?

Important to understand in the cold polar zones, percip turns to snow–then to ice on the ground, so warming at lower latitudes, if it did occur would circulate more water vapor that would —–well you know.

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NOAA agrees to less than 2 mm annual rise in sea level, but will Hansen or Algore stop their lies?

So they say it’s less than 2 mm per year.

Where’s that ocean that’s gonna drown all the coastal cities?

What’s the surprise that ABC was all wrong on its 2009 climate catastrophe predictions

The important thing to consider in a world of leftist bullshitters, is they don’t really care if they are right or wrong, truthful or not–they are posing as concerned and superior, so evidence and truth is not important.

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