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Millions for the greenie research machine

Here we go, as a part of the 20 billion a year going to enviro causes and activities, one more greenie grant for a Texas School. Even in Texas?

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Tom Steyer, puppet master, Crony Capitalist

So Steyer promises to fund lefty green causes.

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Roy Spencer responds to Andre the Physicist’s essay

Dr. Spencer is at Huntsville Alabama with John Christy at the satellite and meteorology/climate/weather program,

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Attttttteeeeeennnnnnhut, Physicist on the Floor

Am I Gobsmacked or what?

Is this true? If so, what is the Warming hypothesis?

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We knew that Medieval Warm was really good

So here’s some evidence we were right.

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Gina McCarthy blah, blah, blah

Climate change is very important, says Ms. Pea Brain McCarthy, Exec of the US EPA, on The Daily Show, comedy for the equally pea brained, but they do think they are cool.

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Let’s try this Nature Mag digest from Joe

So Joe Bast, who is a busy boy, now sends me summaries or a digest, if you prefer, of the mag Nature.

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Zycher goes Yard

Thanks to Joe Bast for fowarding this.

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Greenland has been Mighty Stable

OOOOOOH so scary, say the professional Chicken Littles.

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Common Core Junk Science

A real scientist/engineer discusses Common Core junk science.

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Franken stein?

Climate scientists predict droughts from climate change.  Droughts will affect the growth of barley and there goes your beer. Continue reading

How do you stop the climate from changing?

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Sea level rise by zip code

An on-line mapping tool that allows you to check the affects of sea level rise by zip code is available.  Continue reading

NIce essay from Jim Lakely on the Warming Debate

Jim Lakely is an articulate informant on warming issues.

I will put up here his short essay of response to an inquiry.

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Molding young minds

“From Mauritius to Manitoba, climate change is slowly moving from the headlines to the classroom,” reported The New York Times (April 20, 2014). Continue reading

I put up junk from the Guardian and they say–shut up?

I am shocked to know that open-minded Brits–very polite you know–

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Bjorn points out the Danger of Misdirection of Resources

This is what his Copenhagen Consensus project is all about .

Too bad people don’t pay attention like Lomborg does, to the Bastiat warming about unintended consequences.

Of course if people die or suffer because of crazy green projects it won’t be counted, since official counts are controlled by the arrogant elites who know how to cheat.

Projected increases in displacement or deaths due to warming, no warming, no deaths? Well retool and ignore the failed predictions.

One can do that if in control of public policy and the media academic bully boy complex.

Count on the Climate Nitwits at the Guardian

Of course where the anxious journalists at the Guardian be without the well paid junk scientists at the Met Office?

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Indur Goklany is a Research Giant

I admire Indur Goklany, who is my go to guy on human effects and catastrophic environmental events.

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Green meatballs

IKEA is planning to green up its meatballs and is getting help from the World Wildlife Fund.  So, does anyone come up with how many degrees of global warming this will save the planet?  Continue reading