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Video: Al Gore’s microphone fails while quoting Jesus and pronouncing the word ‘hypocrite’

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NASA is delusional–August is the hottest month ever?

Cherry pickin’ is such a good way to go. NASA can’t be trusted.

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Roy Spencer waxes eloquent on climate research

This is a fine essay from a fine man.

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Climate Summit hype–Lifson comments

Well we sure wish them well–the true believer crowd. 16, 17 years of Carbon Dioxide increases with no warming–troubling developments for the tin pot tyrants.

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Now they are super pollutants

Think pollution was bad?  Now the common pollutants, especially CO2 have changed into super pollutants. Continue reading

Clean Power Plan comment period extended

The comment period for the Clean Power Plant rule has been extended until December 1.  Continue reading

Maybe this is why

A report from the now defunct Australian Climate Council predicts $226 billion in infrastructure costs from sea level rise by the end of the century.  Continue reading