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How can global warming be a cause of RI sea levels–Whitehouse is an hyserical air head

It’s not getting any better, since the politicians have solidified their ignorance.

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Plate Climatology Theory: Heat from tectonic activity contributes to climate change

The Sun, quite obviously, is the first order driver of Earth’s climate, but a much neglected second order driver can contribute significantly to short term variations. The theory proposed by geologist James Kamis is that periods of active Earth Tectonism or Volcanism, either locally or worldwide, can be correlated to periods of active climate change and climate-related events. Continue reading

We could hope

The climate propaganda panic de jeur is a GOP takeover of the senate and filling key positions with “deniers.”  Continue reading

IPCC scientist says he predicted the pause–and it might last a lot longer

When you get to say anything to justify your theories, and say that any evidence that refutes your theories actually supports your theories–you are in the scientific funding sweet spot.

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Electricity costs when greenies are on the march.

I am shocked, I tell you, shocked, to know that little old ladies may not have enough money to stay warm and fat ass Algore and his running dog enviros will make millions on selling his carbon credits or windmill projects.

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A laugher and the family Hupmobile probably won’t go any faster

The latest greenhouse gas for your midnight worries is nitrous oxide.  N2O is up to about 320 ppb.  Continue reading

Patrick Moore becomes a very tough ally and advoacte for good enviro sense.

The former Greenpeace founding member and major player, Dr. Patrick Moore, impressed me when he appeared at the Heartland Climate Conference 9 in Las Vegas, July 2014.

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