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Tip from one of our commenters

Got this tip on a great science discussion site from one of our favorite commenters stefan.

In addition to many other sources, I think this site is interesting and informative.

Green hyprocrisy

Monica Crowly does a fine job on the hypocrisy of leading greens like Tom Steyer. Continue reading

Carlin for sainthood

Alan Carlin was awarded a special recognition for good reason–he is a man of virtue and insight.

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Another great paul Driessen referral–Ron Arnold

Arnold teamed with Driessen to write a wonderful book titled Cracking Green. The chapter on financing of the Green Movement was stunning in its detail and listing of foundations and advocacy groups with big budgets and assets.

We at JS have listed them too, but the Driessen/Arnold list was longer and more maddening than ours.

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Driessen and Harris on the climate treaty shenanigans

I can’t add to this good commentary.

First Driessen then Harris on the realities rather than the deceptions.

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Echo theory

Propagandists masquerading as science come up with something called echo theory to explain why some people are skeptical about so-called climate change.  Continue reading

Let’s talk lucky old sun, got nothin’ to do

The solar effect on oceanic circulations–now there’s something to consider.

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