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  1. I agree 100% with your proposition – trouble for some of us is the torrent of false info being spewed out by ‘so called’ scientists

  2. Religion is mentioned for the following reasons.

    Religion is a system of beliefs. Science is a system based on verifiable facts.

    When people believe things without scientific facts (or believe things that are contrary to scientific facts)m their belief can best be defined as a religion. (which is more charitable than calling them frauds, delusional, crazy, etc.)

  3. What on earth (or in heaven) has religion got to do with the issue under discussion? Not able to post without inserting you obvious bias?

  4. Warren,
    Do you think Syrians are dying because the mole fraction of CO2 in the atmosphere went from 0.0003 to 0.0004? Do you think that Syrians are on Venus? I don’t think even a course in geography can you!

  5. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/66/ss/ss6601a1.htm

    Apparently, the report I linked from the CDC says “non-metropolitan excess deaths are greater than metropolitan excess deaths rates”. More people in a concentrated area should produce higher rates of particulate matter past the 2.5 PM and greater co2, unless……. More junk science. Go get ’em.

  6. Mars has the same percentage of CO2 in its atmosphere as Venus, but Mars is 550°C colder.

    Venus is hot because its atmosphere is 1000 times denser, and even though Venusian clouds reflect 75% of insolation, the atmospheric density results in the high temperature, not CO2.

    Esrth still has a long way to go to get from 0.04% CO2 to 95% CO2 like Mars and Venus. The Syrians and everyone else could benefit from a decent increase in CO2.

  7. It’s the 1% wot dun it … Let’s have a look at and compare CO2 concentrations on Mars and Venus to prove the point:

    Venus:- 96.5 % Carbon dioxide Temperature: 467C (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmosphere_of_Venus)

    Mars:- 95.97.% Carbon dioxide Temperature: -55C (ranging through +20C to -153C (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmosphere_of_Mars)

    Does that settle the argument? Of course not as stupidity, academic bias, rent-seeking, the elite intelligentsia and political belief systems are involved. Can you imagine the years of research it took me to find these numbers and the truth?

  8. Warren wins the bonehead award. Venus is hot because it doesn’t have a magnetosphere. Learn a little. CO2 has little to do with warming on Venus or Earth.

  9. I point out that Sagans story about Venus is just that – a story with little or no data to support it – just as all this BS about CO2 is simply opinion with little or no data to support the outrageous claims – the pure arrogance of so many of these commentators is only exceeded by the size of their ill gotten gains (IMHO)

  10. So Warren, CO2 is Killing Syrians? How so? Are they located on Venus? I don’t even know if a geography course could help you.

  11. What can you say about religion, it is all based belief not fact and it is fueled by emotion. CO2 is life, without it, we would all be dead.

  12. “The only imbecile seems to be the guy who considers Science imbecilic.” You mean like someone who ignores 90% of relevant factors in an attempt to make a point based on just one of them?

  13. I read the whole article and paid special attention to Cole’s claims of drought in Syria. I did a little research and found a site, “Climate Change Knowledge Portal” (URL below), that nicely had graphs of rainfall in Syria.
    For the period 1900-2015 the average rainfall averaged 11.79 inches per year. But let’s look at a shorter period. For the period 1990 to 2012 the average rainfall was 11.04inches. For the period 1990-2012 that represents a huge drop of water, about 0.75 inches! That’s a 6.361% drop from the 1900-2012 period.

    The total annual rainfall average for 1900-2012 has been in the range of .75 inch difference for that period. But I guess a 6.361% drop for the period 1990-2015 is labeled severe drought for a somewhat arid country. Or, possibly the last five years has worsened more than the above.

    Citation URL: http://sdwebx.worldbank.org/climateportal/index.cfm?page=country_historical_climate&ThisCCode=SYR

  14. If CO2 is more poisonous than the gas attacks that killed so many people, then Mr. Cole should do his part by stopping exhaling CO2.
    His magazine , the Nation should stop printing magazines and shipping them around the country. Again, huge amounts of CO2 being expended.
    But their CO2 is not harmful….

    Only true believers of a radical religion could read mr. Cole’s comments without

  15. The runaway greenhouse caused by carbon dioxide on Venus is real. However, Venus’ atmosphere is 96% CO2 compared to our 0.04%.

  16. The Venusian CO2 theory was put forth by Carl Sagan, but of course the critical factor with Venus is its proximity to the Sun, which of course is not a factor here on Earth. The powerful solar radiation in conjunction with CO2 emissions from volcanic activity on Venus resulted (according to the Sagan theory) in a runaway greenhouse effect that eventually eliminated all hope of life evolving on that planet. If such a thing could possibly happen here on Earth, it would have done so a very, very long time ago.

  17. Cole is perhaps deserving of additional honors from JS in the pulp fiction genre, with honorable mention for emotional plot lines in young adult drama. Our judges did deduct some points as Cole is a university professor who should know better than to recycle the stunted characters he offered up.

    Not everyone is familiar with the inverse square law (look into it and apply to Venus), but comedian Sam Kinison was rather poetic about people who live in a desert (look into it and apply to Syria).

    Regarding Cole’s claim that CO2 is “the most noxious gas of all,” the judges have to mark him down again. I nominate fluorine; is there a second?

    I sincerely hope his grasp of history exceeds his reach towards politicized junk science.

  18. Actually, it is true that a runaway greenhouse effect caused Venusian temperatures to rise to their current levels. The only imbecile seems to be the guy who considers Science imbecilic.

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