7 thoughts on “UN alarmists seek to make US liable for climate damages”

  1. Any court that allows this nonsense on it’s docket should be shut down, razed to the ground, and the ground salted….

  2. This crap is spreading like the plague. And it’s just as bad for you. In fact, the UN is more bad for you than the junk science they’re sponsoring.

  3. Is China going to reimburse the Eastern Seaboard due to their black carbon aerosols migrating to the USA as well as being the cause of most of the ice melt? Climate has been made a criminal enterprise by the UN and they try to mask it as climate justice when it is neither about climate or about justice.

  4. Indeed, what losses? If there were anything plausible about the AGW narrative, one might be sympathetic to the ‘polluter pays’ kind of pleading; but the story is fatally flawed. By all means put the matter to the test in a court of law but, meantime, assess the credibility of the accusers. Who are these people and by what argument and with what evidence do they strive to rob the hard working, productive and prudent? The Third World is poor for a number of reasons, none of which are attributable to the activities of the advanced nations. The advanced world has emerged from the dark ages by ingenuity and invention and unless it is shackled it will continue to progress. If the Third World will allow it, it will assist them to emerge from their poverty and destitution – not by handing over cash to corrupt tribal leaders but by showing how to control population through prosperity, All this stuff about AGW is a dangerous diversion from confronting the real problems of over population an under contribution of the Third World.

  5. What losses? Most ot these poor nations have got that way through mismagement, corruption or unfortunate location. Now they have a way to reach into the pockets of the better managed nations to support what amounts to a confection of “Global Warming” to get even.

    And where to get the money in the first place? The U.S. is broke and parts of Europe are too. It is to laugh.

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