Indian Greens: ‘Electric grid will accelerate climate change in Sundarbans’

Poor people should forgo access to electricity because of climate change.

“The ongoing extension of the electric grid to the remote islands of Sundarbans will not only adversely affect the viability of existing renewable energy projects, but will also accelerate the process of climate change, experts say.” []

4 responses to “Indian Greens: ‘Electric grid will accelerate climate change in Sundarbans’

  1. Well at least they don’t have to wait in line for the apple store. Something to be said for that.

  2. Poor people forgo access to electricity when the greenies stop hydro power dams from being built, when they stop nuclear plants from being built. Now the greens have an excuse to ensure that all other inexpensive means of generation are out of reach of the poor too. Gotta love those do gooder greens.

  3. Of course none of those saying the poor should do without electricity will be doing so themselves. Why is it so easy to tell others they must sacrifice, try leading by example and then maybe people will start paying attention.

  4. Sorry Steve but they are a load of scumbuckets. Over here they demand that we pay, through tax levies etc., for pylons to collect all the windmill power so that it can be integrated with the National Grid. As with Richard north, when are we going to rise up and slaughter them!!!

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