Glider Trucks Caught in Deep State Double Standard

When the Obama EPA issued its rule to kill the glider truck industry in 2016, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approved the rule even though the Obama EPA failed to do the required benefit-cost analysis required by Executive Order No. 12866.

But when the Trump EPA sent the final rollback of the Obama rule to OMB earlier this year, the rule was rejected by OMB because no benefit-cost analysis for the rollback was included — no doubt the result of sabotage by EPA’s resistance bureaucrats and Volvo Trucks lobbying of OMB. That’s how the Deep State rolls. Former OMB-er Rick Belzer explained at yesterday’s House hearing on the glider controversy.

Read Belzer’s testimony.

Read Belzer’s strawman Regulatory Impact Analysis for the glider truck rule.

Watch the hearing.

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