Here’s why Volvo Trucks is trying to kill American-made glider trucks does better investigative reporting than New York Times‘ self-proclaimed ‘investigative reporter’ Eric Lipton.

Fitzgerald Glider Kits founder and CEO Tommy Fitzgerald, Sr. is trying to do his part to MAGA by remanufacturing engines to make glider trucks. Foreign-owned Volvo Trucks, though, is doing its best to destroy Fitzgerald’s business by conspiring with Obama EPA holdovers and other Deep State bureaucrats. Why? Check out the circled passage from a Volvo marketing brochure on its remanufacturing business:

In case you can’t read that (Eric Lipton), Volvo VP James Chenier says:

The message is that if we don’t remanufacture. someone else will and my view is that the Volvo Group is in a position to do this better than anyone else.

Here Eric Lipton, I’ve blown it up real big just for you:

So foreign-owned Volvo intends to put itself in the best position to remanufacture trucks by killing Tommy Fitzgerald’s all-American business. Hey EPA, that is no way to MAGA!

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