5 thoughts on “Leaked: State Department memo on withdrawing from Paris climate agreement”

  1. I do not believe that the UN has ever done the USA any favours (hard to actually put your finger on anything they have contributed) I agree with ‘rachase’ the UN should be told what they can do with all their posturing and watermelon crap. (although ‘rachase’ was far more polite about it)

  2. That indeed is the question: what’s the difference between a binding actionable “executive agreement” and a treaty requiring Senate ratification?

    Regardless, Trump had best tell the UN to go fly a kite.

  3. Having worked with DOS a number of times, I learned one basic fact of life: The DOS never, ever, saw a treaty, agreement, understanding, codicil, etc. that generated sumptuous meetings in 5 star destinations that it did not like. They live to vacation on the taxpayer’s dime.

  4. To say the least, the Obama holdovers at state have an interesting interpretation of the presidents treaty-making powers. The reality is, the successor president can withdraw from an executive agreement at any time.

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