EPA petitioned to reconsider greenhouse gas endangerment finding

Just filed by the Texas Public Policy Foundation on behalf of California trucking, construction and oil groups.

Here’s the petition filed May 1 by trucking and construction companies.

Read an overview of why EPA should reconsider the endangerment funding.

4 thoughts on “EPA petitioned to reconsider greenhouse gas endangerment finding”

  1. The Petition is wonderfully written and hopefully it will be read with an open mind.
    The detailing how the EPA declared CO2 levels as dangerous without proving what would be proper levels of CO2 and without any detail as to how the EPA actions would have any effect on reducing the levels tells you all you need to know.
    It was simply a power play to give them control of anything and everything – since CO2 is everywhere and they claim the right to regulate CO2 wherever it is found.
    If this is overturned, that would be fantastic.

  2. EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Should Take the Gloves Off; Turn the Crippling EPA Regs on Wind and Solar

    One of the foundations of leftist politics is “accuse others of what you are guilty.” It is a wonderfully effective political tactic used by the most unethical, deceitful and deplorable of people. It unjustly accuses the innocent of guilt, marginalizes the crime, and most importantly puts the accused on defense when they should be on offense.

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