WaPo Hypocrisy: Don’t ‘demonize’ political opponents

I almost spit up my morning cup of liberal tears when I read the WaPo editorial this morning on Trump’s firing of ex-Acting AG Sally Yates.

First, recall the above example of Nazi demonization of Jews, here as evil warmongers.

Four months ago, the WaPo ran this opinion article attacking climate “deniers,” including me by name.

So it was a good thing I was able to control my esophagus this morning when I read this sentence (underlined) from today’s lead WaPo editorial.

If the print in the image is too small, here’s what the WaPo wrote:

Among the unwritten rules that make democracy possible, none is more important than resisting the impulse to demonize political opponents.

I guess the WaPo lacks the ability to resist its impulses.

10 thoughts on “WaPo Hypocrisy: Don’t ‘demonize’ political opponents”

  1. Prophecy !! The simple fact that you can’t get these current politicians ,to see our polar caps melting, is small in comparison to what is to come in the middle east,and in Africa!! If what is told to us in the bible doesn’t happen,then with what is happening with the planet,man will kill himself,there’s no Fish in the world’s oceans,no more antibiotics in Stock to kill the super bug that’s coming,and that’s because your destroying the great Forest around the world where we found most of the world’s medicine,. I live in fear,worry for my children, I moved to the mountains away from the city,because this damm trump is recruiting for isis,he is so far removed from real life,you can’t expect him to understand. At the very least we were looking for another place to live,but you stopped funding nasa ….
    Thorium, Tera farming…I can go on and on , demonizing all politicians please it’s a joke you’re only scratching the surface….

  2. Once again the would-be tyrants indulge in projection – attributing their own faults to their opponents.

  3. Every day I get an email from Amazon.com with the “Most read article in the Washington Post.” Or “the joke of the day,” as I call them.

    The clear message is that the results of the presidential election SHOULD NOT BE ACCEPTED. As poisonous a declaration as possible in a democracy . . . or democratic republic.

  4. “Who the he!! is denying the climate anyway?”

    The entire environmentalist AGW movement, who’ve been claiming the climate was unchanging for thousands if not millions of years until we suddenly started using internal combustion engines in the 1980s to pump the atmosphere full of CO2…

    “The Washington Post obviously believes that calling President Trump a Nazi, Hitler, etc. are not attempts to demonize him.”

    Of course. According to them he IS Hitler, so they’re just stating facts (as they see them).

    We’re living in, as it’s been called, a “post truth era”, where what’s true is what political pundits claim to be true.
    This is the case on both sides of the political spectrum, but to greater extremes on the left as people there are far more conditioned to believe what their ‘betters’ tell them unconditionally, and are thus more susceptible to even the most blatant propaganda lies.

  5. Hey steve,you have a doctor in Italy who said he can cure cancer with baking soda !!see what they did to the poor man….and please give me your thoughts on the use of thorium!! It’s liken to the story of how auto makers had air bags since 1959 ??

  6. I think that, besides showing its hypocrisy, the washington post (lower case intended) is also showing its ignorance. The form of our government is a republic, not a democracy. In a democracy, there is no legislature, or at least, no need of one, because all citizens vote on every proposed law.

  7. The Washington Post obviously believes that calling President Trump a Nazi, Hitler, etc. are not attempts to demonize him.

    But President Trump saying anything at all which disagrees with any liberal or progressive is demonizing.

    Every time we think we have seen the ultimate limit of liberal hypocrisy, they manage to top themselves.

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