9 thoughts on “Senate Democrat attack on climate skeptics backfires”

  1. CEI is the victim here, but that does not give it the right to characterize the Senate bullies and know-nothings as McCarthyite. McCarthy went after communists, not legitimate scientists. And the communist influence which was so pervasive in McCarthy’s day has persisted and transformed the Democratic party from the likes of Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Scoop Jackson to the likes of hardcore radicals Obama, Holder, Lynch, and the miscreant Gore. McCarthy did good work, and these Senate bullies do not. The CEI should not sully its credibility by equating McCarthy with warmist thugs.

  2. All Democrats have lost any legitimacy they might have had. They are the party of hate, racism, tyranny and thuggery.

  3. COULD IT BE, that the Democrats have truly become the Party of UN/Obama global socialists agendas? Yea, thought so, that is why they use the term McCarthyite, because any who appose are the McCarthys of today, fighting Marxism.

  4. The operating principles of the Democrat Party is chaotic fascism. Their goal is to achieve a state of maximum entropy. The following is “borrowed” from Urban Dictionary.

    Fascism definition:
    The only official definition of Fascism comes from Benito Mussolini, the founder of fascism, in which he outlines three principles of a fascist philosophy.
    1.”Everything in the state”. The Government is supreme and the country is all-encompasing, and all within it must conform to the ruling body, often a dictator.
    2.”Nothing outside the state”. The country must grow and the implied goal of any fascist nation is to rule the world, and have every human submit to the government.
    3.”Nothing against the state”. Any type of questioning the government is not to be tolerated. If you do not see things our way, you are wrong. If you do not agree with the government, you cannot be allowed to live and taint the minds of the rest of the good citizens.
    The use of militarism was implied only as a means to accomplish one of the three above principles, mainly to keep the people and rest of the world in line. Fascist countries are known for their harmony and lack of internal strife. There are no conflicting parties or elections in fascist countries.
    Nazi Germany was extreme Fascism, better examples of fascist countries were Mussolini’s Italy, Iraq, Iran, and many middle eastern countries.

    Are the Democrats missing any of the above?

  5. The web of deceit was, in fact, woven by Joseph Stalin himself – beginning with a news backout of events at Konan, Korea in AUG-SEPT 1945:

    1. Japan exploded an atomic bomb off the east coast of Konan, Korea in AUG 1945

    2. Stalin’s USSR troops captured that facility in AUG 1945

    3. Stain’s troops shot down an Ametican B-29 bomber over Konan, Korea in AUG 1945 and held the crew captive for negotiations in SEPT 1945

    4. Those negotiations produced the UN on 24 OCT 1945

    The primary purpose of uniting nations was to prevent hypothetical nuclear annihilation of the world by hiding the source of energy in atomic bombs, NEUTRON REPULSION, from the public.

    That effort to deceive the public is coming apart now because NEUTRON REPULSION also

    5. Made our chemical elements
    6. Birthed the solar system 5 Ga ago
    7. Sustained the origin and evolution of life on Earth after ~3.8 Ga ago
    8. Sustains every atom, life and planet in the solar system today, and
    9. Powers the expansion of the universe by neutron emission or fragmentation of the cores of stars and galaxies.

  6. NEUTRON REPULSION is indelibly recorded in exact rest masses of the ~3,000 types of atoms that compromise all matter. That empirical fact can no longer be hidden.

  7. “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We will not allow our enemies to have guns, why should we let them have ideas?” Joseph Stalin
    Sound familiar?

  8. I find it troublesome that even good people use Senator McCarthy’s name to create negative connotations: “McCarthy-style attempt to shut down the democratic process”.

    McCarthy never attempted to shut down the democratic process. We shall forever be grateful for whatever little his heroic attempts to protect the democratic process from Communist subversion were able to achieve. CEI needs a refresher on this nation’s history, with a good look at primary data (a.k.a. documents).

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