Senate Democrat attack on climate skeptics generates threat of physical violence against skeptics

“Protests won’t do it, rational presentation of the science won’t do it, articles like this in the Guardian won’t do it, and neither will any amount of talking from senators. The evil is simply too entrenched.”

From the Guardian:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 8.12.40 AM


After report, the Guardian deleted the comment in question, below.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.30.40 PM

5 thoughts on “Senate Democrat attack on climate skeptics generates threat of physical violence against skeptics”

  1. In any debate:
    Ad hominem attacks (name-calling) are a characteristic sign of intellectual bankruptcy.
    Threats of violence are a sign of moral bankruptcy.

  2. Only lies and corruption use the threats of violence to cover up their evil deeds. Truth needs no such force.

  3. Why is it that it seems that all the sleazeball mental dwarfs register as Democrats after they have oozed out of the slime patties?

  4. R.S.
    These geniuses will tell you they could solve all of the problems you cite. Just give them enough money with a 100 year timeline to get it done.
    Like all global warmers, they will take the $ and run. They know that it does not matter at all that their 100 year projections are junk. They achieved their objective – to get the $ and power.

  5. COULD IT BE, if their badly cooked science was even close to truth, then the rise in the sea level should not be a negative? If they were as smart as they would like us to believe they are, WHY have they not been able to science their way into a system to purify seawater and keep California from burning down every year? and pipe water from both sides of the nation via pipelines to all points to help … water the US and keep the seas from flooding coastal cities… Just say’n

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