6 thoughts on “EPA Continues To Implement Global Warming Plan Supreme Court Said It Couldn’t”

  1. They did not have any problem with experimenting on human subjects without informed consent either.
    The EPA should issue nice, black uniforms, complete with shiny silver insignia, buckles, and jackboots.

  2. EPA rules on DDT have killed millions of children. They didn’t care.
    Congress approved DDT use when properly applied.
    EPA outlawed it anyway.
    They do not care if people have to die.

  3. The only thing that will reign in the rogue agents is the EPA and other federal bureaucracies is when the Cabinet Level Officer responsible for the agency is placed under arrest and publicly perp-walked into jail while a statement is read out Barring any federal money to be expended for any program on the following list – fill in list here – followed by a declaration that any person disbursing or causing to be disbursed ~any~ sum of money for these programs, to include payroll for those working on the program, shall be guilty of participating in a Conspiracy as well as embezzlement of Federal Funds.

  4. The problem is that the bureaucrats are not personally liable for any of their violations of the law. Even if the Supreme Court decides against the EPA, doubtful thanks to Roberts trying to find ways to subjugate Congress to Agencies, the people who devised these schemes go unpunished. Legislation should be passed by Congress that provides for personal financial penalties when these rules are overturned.
    Congress also is to blame, as in the legislation yesterday that got through the Senate omitting the amendment that would have cut off funding for the Waters of the United States rule. This is an even bigger horror, if possible, that rewrites the Congressional legislation, giving control of all waterways, even intermittent ones to the EPA. It too is being challenged by states.

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