Claim: Workers face ‘epidemic of heat-related injuries’ due to climate change

Warmists predict: “Around 2% of daylight hours are predicted to be shaved off the working day in west Africa, south Asia, and 10 regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America by 2030, potentially creating an epidemic of heat-related injuries.”

From the Guardian:

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3 thoughts on “Claim: Workers face ‘epidemic of heat-related injuries’ due to climate change”

  1. Maybe if these communities were provided with the technology to provide clean water, and someone did a little instruction on the need to consume the proper quantities of water, heat related injuries would be substantially reduced or eliminated. This happens every year and every time there is a heat wave in third world countries. It happens in US industry, but we have come close to eliminating the issue with clean drinking water and strong safety oversight.

    A 30 year Industrial Safety Director

  2. Who dreams this stuff up? How do the people of the southwest and southern parts of the US manage? Summer temperatures in the 100’s and more. People adapt to warmer climate and higher temps very well. Of course more people die from cold than heat. But efficiency is greater in a warm climate.

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