5 thoughts on “Polar bear cannibalism hysteria debunked”

  1. The whole polar bear scare has never been about reality, it is only a fantasy, an illusion to promote an otherwise indemonstrable agenda.

  2. I was going to say it was ironic that people who care so very much about animals can be so ignorant of their natural behavior, but they don’t really care.

    Do they?

  3. All male bears eat cubs if they can catch them. A few years ago on a nature shoe a male Kodiak bear was after a cub. The female bear chased the cub into the woods ,and charged the male. Before they met she ran away. This gave time for the cub to escape. The female came back later on and found the cub. It must be a common occurrence.

  4. Must be from drinking all that Coca-Cola. The CO2 is doing terrible things to their brains.
    /sarc off/

  5. Polar bears (which evolved from grizzlies) are not the cute cuddly-looking creatures as shown on WWF ads. Seeing what they actually do in the wild is frightening, especially if you have been taught to think of them as big stuffed animals.

    Since actual polar bear behavior does not fit in with their make-believe image, it must be caused by make-believe climate change.

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