3 thoughts on “Judge calls out Plane Stupid hypocrisy”

  1. @Oliver Manuel,

    World leaders see reality very well, by and large, and we underestimate their intelligence at our own peril.

    Their current public stance on any given issue (the punishment of eco-terrorists included) is quite simply the one best calculated to secure the greatest amount of control for the longest possible term. Until and unless the power math changes, there is no reason for them to change anything. . . objective “reality” notwithstanding.

  2. Just to recap:

    * No immediate jail time was imposed (they each get to serve 6 whole weeks if they don’t do their 120 – 180hrs community service sometime in the next year).
    * No fines or compensation were imposed, despite the fact that the airport suffered property damage, and also despite the fact that the judge listed some 92,000 as victims due to the cancellation of 25 flights at the airport.
    * Several stars of the eco-nut movement (including Ms. “Hermione Grainger” among others) get to publicly show their support for these clowns, as though they (& by extension, she) were some kind of heroes, rubbing the rest of us peons’ noses in the fact that “rule-breakers” who nonetheless act on the side of the ruling class are in fact immune from any serious repercussions, regardless of the law &/or any common sense.


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