2 thoughts on “Why many college grads believe in global warming”

  1. Just because somebody attends university or has a university degree doesn’t mean that they’re educated.

    (Here’s a moment caught in amber for you:

    (My mom is (re)taking a world history course at the local college. Already a PhD herself, it’s something for a bored retiree to do and get herself out of the house. She reported to me that when the instructor mentioned someplace called “Mesopotamia,” nobody in the class had every heard of it or knew where it was.

    (We’re fucked. Well and truly fucked.)

    Just a thought


  2. Just a reminder folks. These precious snowflakes, who have no clue as to what’s going on and even less understanding of how the world ~really~ works have access to the controls of the heavy machinery of government through the voting booth.

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