5 thoughts on “Trump calls for higher ethanol mandate”

  1. Iowa wants to sell its crops. I can only guess that they imagine selling food to ethanol manufacture would be more profitable than selling it for livestock or people. That mindset shows as much ‘capitalist greed’ as Big Oil, who simply wants to be able to sell their products to all buyers.

  2. Someone should show him how much additional gasoline must be burned in order to burn the ethanol that is currently being blended into gasoline.

  3. Hopefully someone will slap some sense into the Donald after Iowa. They should show him the real food inflation numbers since ethanol was mandated.

  4. Iowa has worked the political system to get more than its fair share. Good for them and bad for us.

  5. “Playing to the audience”
    Note that he’s not calling for anything more than following existing statutory law.
    He’s walking a very fine line here and I’m sure that the audience in Iowa will hear more than is actually being stated, the reason for the carefully crafted prepared remarks instead of Mr. Trumps usual reliance on his tremendous command of facts and figures and his own oratorial skills.

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