6 thoughts on “Tesla Model S Bursts Into Flames While Charging”

  1. Has there been any notification of toxicity of combustion, or even incomplete combustion, products?

  2. Indeed. The SuperCharger station can output up to 100 KW power. Any defect in wiring or battery construction, and things get hot. Really hot. So, not at all surprising. That’s the real problem with battery powered cars. You have to charge them. If you can do it overnight, in a garage or carport, not that big a deal. Try to do it quickly, takes a lot of power, with obvious hazards.

  3. The cause of the fire is unknown – my @$$!
    For at least ten years everything from laptops to flashlights to e-cigarettes to hoverboards that relies on lithium battery technology has been susceptible to unaccountable overheating and occasional battery fires.
    The US Departments of Transportation and Defense have even created special Hazardous Cargo rules for Lithium and Lithium-ion batteries.

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