3 thoughts on “Case closed: 2015 not warmest year”

  1. In response to “Arthur”, this is the typical Progressive spammer, engaging in damage control. Notice that “he” doesn’t cite anything specific in his allegations (ala the old saw “you’re funded by big oil”), just making a blanket claim.

    I’m sure “he” prefers low-quality UHI-influenced surface-air data to satellite data, which is what Spencer prefers. Not that Arthur or any of his many aliases would be interested in actual facts.

  2. 2015 is warmest if you look at surface temperatures, which (other than the oceans) are what climate scientists generally are most interested in. What you have done here is look at a specific data set about a specific portion of the lower atmosphere.

    Also, your graph is provided by Roy Spencer, a scientist who has a reputation for unfounded and flat-out wrong papers, none of which have been published in any journal with a good reputation for providing good science.

    Not that Milloy or any person seriously reading this blog would be interested in actual facts.

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