One thought on “Starvation Suspected in Massive Die-Off of Alaska Seabirds”

  1. Still another example of making statements before the cause is actually argued within the science community. I really don’t understand Government paid scientists and their inherited narccisstic mindset, unless they actually inherit it from their bosses and money sources. I noticed the link to a story entitled “40,000 mile long undersea volcano, not in climate models”, as if 40,000 miles of volcanic is insignificant to climate, ocean acidity, ocean temperature, not withstand other gases entering the atmosphere which in normal above surface eruptions, actually offset each other to the point of producing a minimal cooling effect. however, we do not actually understand what changes in the gases may or may not undergo what changes. Nevertheless, for government field biologists, (field biological scientists) a title actually seldom earned, … are not Atmospheric scientists and only (at best), guess at the actual cause. However, they do have a go-to cause to always fall back on when they have no real idea what is happening… a unproven cause at that.

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