Ridiculous: ‘An Investment Strategy to Save the Planet’

Certainly some investors may luck out an make money in “green” investment funds. Every scam has its winners, after all.

But don’t be fooled that green investing will alter climate change… there are 2,440 new coal plants being planned around the world.

Tina Rosenberg writes in the NYTimes:

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2 thoughts on “Ridiculous: ‘An Investment Strategy to Save the Planet’”

  1. Good way to lose your pension money. When politicians start investing other people`s money in the trendy thing of the day, they should be sued if the investment does not make a normalized rate of return especially when it is invested with a firm that is so tied into politicians and the Democratic party. Of course, what will really happen if the money is lost in these green funds, is the State of New York will make up the loss through tax revenue increases. In effect, the people of New York who do not employed in the public service will bear the cost.

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