5 thoughts on “Just how crazy is Elon Musk?”

  1. Just how crazy is Elon Musk?
    not crazy at all

    They’ve created a market desire…. he’s providing the solution

    Fools & their money are soon parted

  2. Musk lives in the state of California where the income gap between coastal elites and inland agricultural workers is so great it’s been called a “liberal apartheid” state. It’s also that state that has the highest poverty rate when accounting for cost of living. 1/3 of California’s residents are on Medicaid. On the other hand, Tesla sold 1/3 of their model S cars in the state of California and the drivers of these ~$80K vehicles receive $7500 federal subsidies plus state subsidies while Tesla itself also receives about $15K per vehicle in zero emission credits. The poor inland valley residents meanwhile pay dearly for all forms of energy, including almost a $1/gallon more for transportation fuel and high electricity prices to subsidize his Solar City rooftop photoelectric panels. Perhaps Musk understands he’s a reverse Robin Hood taking money from the poor to subsidize the rich so he’s making cars to help is customers survive the coming backlash.

  3. I would sooner trust a car designed and built by farmers. As practical engineers they are peerless at accomplishing their engineering goals on time, within budget, and with reliability.
    In case of a zombie apocalypse they would simply weld a few harvester blades onto the front bumper.

  4. Falcon wing doors are so much more sexy than plain ole gull wing doors that those old bangers DeLorian and Mercedes had.
    How quickly can driver and passengers egress a burning vehicle?

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