7 thoughts on “Global warming ‘delays next ice age by 50,000 years’”

  1. CO2 never had any effect on previous ice ages coming and going. But now things have changed. Climate is bowing to the politically correct crowd by delaying the next ice age. Isn’t that special. Now my offspring, and their children and so on will enjoy wine produced in Greenland, and Tierra Del Fuego for tens of thousands of years. Thank you for the good news.

  2. You mean we have wasted all that money on “controlling climate change”….for nothing? LOL! I was counting on some warmth, in Canada, in the winter! Now it will just “delay the ice-age”…He he! When are we going to be able to ‘control the changes in climate”? NEVER!

  3. You are exactly right. AGW propaganda is about controlling people rather than controlling the climate.

  4. Wannabe-in-charge fascism, primarily that of the political left, is the prevalent ailment that burdens human societies and impedes scientific and technological advances. Let freedom ring — and reign.

  5. So, on balance, is the argument Global Warming Good or Global Warming Bad? Because I think Ice Sheets covering most of North America, Europe, and Asia might be a BAD thing.

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