2 thoughts on “Cutting diesel pollution puts climate change target at risk, says VW UK chief”

  1. NO2 is well off the EPA radar. They gave up on it killing people years ago. Malojevic et al. in a massive study found no significant increase in MI or stroke due to NO2. There is no CV etiology for NO2 to be a killer.

    Milojevic A, Wilkinson P, Armstrong B, Bhaskaran K, Smeeth L, Hajat S. Short-term effects of air pollution on a range of cardiovascular events in England and Wales: case-crossover analysis of the MINAP database, hospital admissions and mortality. Heart 2014;100:1093-1098.

  2. I’m afraid that I’ve come to learn that so many people lie about what are supposed to facts (by definition true, as opposed to “real facts”) , that I’m becoming somewhat confused about who is actually telling the truth in areas where I don’t have enough background to sort through the garbage. For me, one thing that helps is I define politicians as liars using Napoleonic Code, in which guilt is assumed, and innocence must be proven. English Common law assumes innocence, and guilt must be proven.

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