5 thoughts on “Wow… ‘Milton Friedman professor of economics’ at UChicago calls for CO2 tax”

  1. The University of Chicago has a history of using name chaired professors to deny information that leaks past official gate-keepers of knowledge.

    See the debate published on pages 208-210 of Science in January 1977: “Strange xenon, extinct superheavy elements and the solar neutrino puzzle.”

  2. Poor Milton Friedman obviously has no control over the misuse of his name to promote worldwide communism.

  3. I am stunned to hear that ANY ‘professor of economics’ would advocate complete global micromanagement of the price of any major commodity, let alone a large family of related commodities.
    Every Black Market in history has its origins in artificial price controls – be they tariffs, taxes, bans, or fiats – and Black Markets are by definition beyond the reach of authoritarian controls. The profiteers who participate in Black Markets thrive because they provide goods/services that the public wants with a desire that exceeds their fear of their own governments, and they do NOT pay taxes to those governments.

  4. Dear Professor Manuel,

    Thanks for pointing out that Milton Friedman has no control over the misuse of his name long after his death. But the University of Chicago should take steps to prevent such misuse, since he was one of their most famous professors. Of course they will not, because they are as much a part of the Global Warming scam as anyone else.

    Your perspective on the problem of “official science” is unique, because you have seen the powers that be decree that your research on the inner workings of the Sun is to be ignored in preference to theirs. That sort of censorship is very destructive of scientific progress.

    As an almost pure product of the University of Chicago, having all my diplomas from them from grade school, high school, BS (Physics), MS (Physics), through PhD (Physics), I challenge the U of C to eliminate the corruption of academic standards that has permeated the school in recent years and return the institution to its former high position in academia.

    Although I never met Milton Friedman, I briefly knew his son, when we were both graduate students in Physics many years ago.

    Gordon J. Fulks, PhD

  5. Thanks for your comment, Dr. Fulks.

    The UN’s Climate Conference is the latest act in a ~500 year (1543-2015) effort to hide the influence on humanity of a giant fountain of energy Copernicus first reported at the gravitational center of the solar system in 1543.


    After atomic bombs revealed the Sun’s real source of energy in 1945, modern science was corrupted to hide the Creator & Sustainer of every atom, life and planet in the solar system.


    The above scientific story of creation is compatible with some ancient stories of creation.

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