2 thoughts on “Obama says ‘parts’ of Paris climate deal must be ‘legally binding’”

  1. If it is approved we give the UN/Obama authority over the Constitution… people need to read and digest the UNs Agenda 21, (formerly “Sustainable Development”… it effects every part of your life, your freedoms, and the very future of the sovereignty of the United States, and we become a North American Union. and the NAU will be part of the global socialist government. I am not saying that it is the Biblical “One Government”… but it will be close to it… meanwhile we become slaves to the government, and our Constitution will be a memory of times past. But for all the Democrats (Liberals) who scoff at what the future really looks like and will mean when it comes to your doorstep, don’t riot, and get all indignant, and more stupid, when your really realize how you have been used. The you will have no one to blame but yourself. live with it… I for one will do everything I cam to prevent it from happening.

  2. Okay…..I am more and more mystified about the “wording” in these announcements. Let’s call any agreement that is reached “legally binding” whatever that may mean to real living, breathing humans who are not politicians and not involved in this mish mash of geopolitical scumwaddery that’s taking place in gay Paree. Just what kind of “weapons and actions”, exactly, would constitute the enforcement mechanism and just who exactly would be expected to wield the “weapons” of enforcement? And just who is to be the judge who decides the boundaries have been breached — the head linesman, as it were. A war of enforcement wouldn’t be very light on CO2 production, don’t y’know.

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