Weather Underground attributes freak Arctic weather to global warming because…

… a very scientific drumroll please…

From today’s WaPo:

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 9.20.17 AM

It wasn’t the weather Jeff Masters grew up with? Well, isn’t weather always different by definition? And then, since he’s so into “climate change,” why would he expect weather to be the same in a climate that is constantly changing? Besides… the Arctic has been this warm before… and sea ice is at a 10-year high and… how do you know warmists are lying… because their lips are moving and…

4 thoughts on “Weather Underground attributes freak Arctic weather to global warming because…”

  1. But, Joe, didn’t you read in the papers that the temperature at the North Pole was 42 degrees F, just recently. That’s 50 degrees above average for this time of year. You can see the thermometer on the outside of Santa Claus’ Workshop, which is a nice little business there in Alaska. 🙂

  2. Actually Dr Masters, you might be making a mistake of assuming that because YOU HAD NOT SEEN IT ( the data from the DMI site), it did not occur ( I listed the years, and the most reliable data source we have says its still 5C short of the warmest ever, never mind hitting 273K, so in fact it has not yet occurred. And by the way, the reason we have had the cold JFM idea from SUMMER was because we counted on major blocking this year. Given Joe D Aleo, myself, , etal here at weatherbell think that the amount of contribution from co2 is questionable and can not be adequately measured in any weather event or series of events, the forecast, right or wrong, assumed blocking and the warming over the top and was based on large scale physical drivers. I have displayed our pioneer model for JFM countless times on social media and it relied on the kind of warming you are seeing now and the response to develop the trough over the southern and eastern US for the heart of winter. Winters such as 1957-58 ,1965-66,1987-88 all had similar evolution to what you are seeing now. The proof is in the actual forecast and result, so lets see how the heart of winter pans out. But we do not take into account “climate change” partly because D Aleo and I are old enough to simply go to maps that though not exactly alike, are very similar. The foundation of the past is what you stand on today to reach for the future, But if you DONT KNOW situations that form that foundation, its more quicksand, than bedrock. All the best in the New Year. This is a one issue disagreement, nothing more

  3. Still has not reached 263k which if Dr Masters, examines the longest running method we have for temps north of 80 north ( you cant just willy nilly pick out the north pole as there is no long standing station there, or a truly reliable way of measuring temps like this site we see winters of 84,85,2000 and 2002 all had higher peaks than what we have seen so far. I am sure going through all the years will clear up any confusion. Cheers

  4. Which is it in this case: Brain damage or a psychiatric disorder? Both? Or some of each, maybe? Or maybe just plain old run-of-the-mill left-leaning brain disorder?

    Confabulation is an unconscious process of creating a narrative that the narrator believes is true but that is demonstrably false. The term is popular in psychiatric circles to describe narratives of patients with brain damage or a psychiatric disorder who make up stories about what they perceive or remember, stories that are known to be either completely fictional or in great part fantasy but which are put forth confidently as accurate and truthful.

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