4 thoughts on “Schwarzenegger: Climate ‘the most important issue’”

  1. Silly me I voted for Arnold. I thought conservative values were lowering gas consumption. I thought family came first. I thought Arnold would take his muscles and protect the rain forests. Liberals seemed less astute Al Gore included. Now what? Pope Francis will forgive Arnold for his less holy acts? 3 ring circus. Religion, money and poor acting. EPA and the UNITED NATION. COP1-21 conference of partners GOP good old party.

  2. This third rate ‘actor” and first rate coward, who couldn’t even admit parenthood to his own wife, has evidently convinced himself that there is anyone on Earth stupid enough to listen to him

  3. Arnold has always been a RINO, although in the closet until he became Governor of California. I voted for him then thinking he was like the characters he was playing in the movies. Boy was I wrong! He is another lefty, statist, totalitarian like his wife, Maria Shriver, and a NWO useful idiot.

  4. Arnold, Arnold, There has been nothing (even being Governor of California), that would indicate that your brain muscle grew at all while you were body building on the beach. and that sir is how I look at your out-of-touch ignorance on factual global warming (climate change) and apparently your ignorance on the issue of the Islamic Jihadist caliphate movement against the West (free world).

    PS I still like some of your Action Movies, even though it is apparent you didn’t get the message.

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