2 thoughts on “Poor nations not letting rich divide-and-conquer at COP-21”

  1. Having spend the last few years studying the USSR and its effects on every country due to funding of revolutionary groups, I have come to a conclusion.
    The climate game is just the latest from those who brought about the Bolshevik Revolution, since most countries didn’t turn into communist utopias…..The big funders of the Bolsheviks were the international bankers…..World-wide communism is still the end game, and plenty of useful idiots play along with it. The results of the Bolsheviks included tens of millions of innocent Russians murdered and starved to death. Is this just another elite ploy to reduce world population? (Prince Philip once remarked that if he were reincarnated, he’d like to come back as a killer virus to reduce world population.)

  2. This circus in Paris is becoming a real ‘hoot’.
    It seems to me that if the “developed” countries reduce their use of fossil fuel energy sources in order to reduce their production of CO2 there will be less money available to be used to either subsidize “renewable energy sources” or to pay to compensate developing/undeveloped countries for any negative consequences they may suffer, real or imaginary, because “developed” countries are using fossil fuels as sources of energy.

    Of course, I guess the “developed” countries central banks could magically conjure imaginary magic money out of their imaginary magic holes in the air and use the conjured up magic money to make payments to developing/undeveloped countries as compensation for the negative consequences, real or imaginary, that they suffer as a result of the developed countries using fossil fuels as sources of energy.

    Call Beechwood 45789 and if someone answers, ask for either the March Hare or the Mad Hatter.

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