6 thoughts on “EPA: CO2 causes asthma”

  1. If that was true asthma would be killing people all over the planet. CO2 has not killed anybody outside of buildings and caves.
    My asthma was a lot worse in the 50’s than now with higher concentrations of CO2 today.

  2. It seems that the e.p.a. is so full of bologna, that Oscar Meyer doesn’t have enough warehouse space to hold it all. Also, as a point of law, I can’t find anything in the U.S. Constitution that permits the e.p.a. to legally exist. It certainly is not “promote the general welfare” considering its predation against the ordinary people of this country, and its attitude of “we can pollute all we want, but you can’t.

  3. I keep trying to adhere to the old adage that goes something like. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” I can NOT attribute this drivel to stupidity; I think they are acting out of malice.

  4. OK. CO2 DOES cause death. Proven fact. This was proven in submarines that stayed down too long, when the crewmen breathed the last of the oxygen and died of CO2 overdose. That was back before modern subs that have scrubbers that rejuvenate the air.

    In the atmosphere—-plants convert CO2 into oxygen, which animals (including us) breathe and covert back to CO2. Never ending cycle, been happening a long time.

    If you’re in an airtight room, CO2 can cause you trouble— up to and including death. If you’re NOT in an airtight room, you’ll never notice the gas which is harmless unless it is concentrated.

  5. How the hell does Co2 cause asthma when the body produces it. These people are getting nuttier and nuttier.

  6. I had childhood asthma 60+ years ago. It must have been from my exhaling the high, high concentrations of CO2. I will now have to be on the look out for a relapse. Are there allergy shots for CO2?

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