6 thoughts on “NYTimes Krugman: Historians will say most important event in December 2015 was…”

  1. If the historians of the future blame anyone, it will be the leadership of China and India, who will talk the talk, but not walk the walk. Why would we break new ground with belt tightening if our competitors do not need to meet the rigorous environmental standards with which we in the west must comply.We have already made hundreds of billion dollars in fixed capital investments. Countervailing IMPUTED environmental duties, reflecting required environmental investments to meet world-wide competitive standards need to be imposed. The third world should not have advantages based on the profligate poisoning of the Earth while we lose jobs to outsourcing.

  2. As a Nobel Laureate in Economics and a Professor at Princeton University, Professor Krugman should be able to do better than perpetually hawk a failed paradigm. No warming trend in nearly 20 years, little warming over the last 70 years, and climate models that are failing miserably should be clues to a smart person that he has been backing the wrong horse. But Krugman is now no better than a stupid political junkie, blaming Republicans for the failure of his paradigm, not the obviously faulty science from corrupted scientists.

    Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

  3. The most earth-shattering occurrence would be if Krugman got something right. So far he’s avoided that.

  4. The Krugster says that the dead-before-arrival Paris festival of rentiers will be viewed by historians as THE single most important event of 2015?

    Why? Because a brigade of Islamic State jihadis will attack the participants en masse, slaughtering thousands and blowing up the Eiffel Tower to make of this gathering the perfect example of Muslim hatred and contempt for the arrogance of transnational progressivism?

    ‘Cause if this meeting continues as it has begun – without a trace of binding commitment on any of the BRIC nations which are projected to crank vastly increasing megatons of combustion-generated carbon dioxide into the atmosphere throughout the rest of the 21st Century – not even in the wildest fantasies among the climate catastrophe clowns can there be said to have anything come of COP21 besides yet another bureaucratic predation upon the taxpayers’ pocketbooks.

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