3 thoughts on “Germany May Offer Model for Reining In Fossil Fuel Use”

  1. Umm, this article is about as delusional as it gets. The 1.5% growth is fantasy especially when you consider population growth without job growth and the drag of paying all those handouts. Then there is the fact that they have been building coal fired plants alm0st as fast as they can to replace the nukes they are shutting down. BROWN coal… Agree with tadchem on the inflation having eaten up what little growth there was.

  2. The ‘economic growth’ of 1.5% is less than inflation (loss of value of the currency), so it is all faux growth. Separately, Germany’s reduction in energy consumption is due to their shutting down of nuclear plants, and therefore is not ‘sustainable’. With their ‘renewable’ energy sources failing to meet delivery promises of price projections, it wont be long before Germany realizes they really DO need the nuclear and fossil fuel power plants.

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