3 thoughts on “Hallucinatory NYTimes warmist suggests Exxon begin removing CO2 out of the atmosphere”

  1. Hey, I’m all for it…..but? Okay…..Let us assume that this fantastic process, whatever it may be, would need to have electricity for power in order that it resulted in a “way to take back the CO2 added to the atmosphere by fossil fuel combustion at a scale that would matter to the climate system.” Now, of the processes make up an electrically powered system that used electricity that was being generated by fossil fuel powered dynamos of some kind, just what would you reckon the break-even point where the amount of CO2 that was being removed from the atmosphere would be greater than the amount of CO2 would turn out to be? Hell, this is as preposterous as is the idea that Obamacare — or government social spending programs in general — at some higher volume will become systems that first, break even, and then collectively provide a positive return.

  2. tadchem ++

    Would seem to be self regulating: More CO2, more plants. Less CO2, fewer plants. Assuming the hot air from the politicians doesn’t destroy everything first.

  3. There is already a way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere – plants. If there is not enough CO2 in the atmosphere for photosynthesis they will die.

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