10 thoughts on “Cities Move to Support New Restrictions on Greenhouse Gases”

  1. The Hungarian astronomer, Peter Toth, suggested the Sun might be a pulsar, . . .

    Toth, Peter (1977-11-10). Is the Sun a pulsar?”. Nature 270 (5633): 159–160. doi:10.1038/270159a0

    But the current editor of Nature refused to send our manuscript out for review, Yes, the Sun is a pulsar

  2. I’m thinking that states like KY, VA, WV and others should cut off all support to the big cities things like food water and power. let them figure out how to take care of themselves. If they do fine if they don’t then America wins.

  3. The people being killed daily in Chicago do not include political donors. The political donors are, for various reasons, more concerned about ‘climate change’.

  4. In 1972, Nature published the first “hard” empirical evidence that meteorites in the solar system formed directly from fresh supernova debris – before elements or even isotopes of the same element were mixed together:

    O. K. Manuel, E. W. Hennecke and D. D. Sabu, “Xenon in carbonaceous chondrites,” Nature 240, 99-101 (1972): http://www.omatumr.com/archive/XenonInCarbonaceousChondrites.pdf

    After more mergers, Nature became a champion of Stalin’s lock-step, world-wide, consensus science.

  5. United religionists, communist, and capitalist tyrants cannot control the Sun’s pulsar core, so . . .

    they try to convince the public they control the world.

  6. Hmm. The cities could come to regret this. Cities are part of the state, and the states could simply order the to withdraw their money and support. The average left wing city government isnt particularly bright evidently.

  7. Could it be that this dozen words says all that needs to be said?

    “The trouble with ignorance is that it feels so much like expertise.” –David Dunning

  8. The climate DECEIVERS funded by the federal government’s desire to control every facet of our lives are spreading lies daily about climate change–this must stop! Cities trying to fight climate change is nothing but grand theft of individual resources. The same goes for states trying the same old song.

    All that will happen is the populace will become poorer and the reports generated by the thieves stealing your money will show progress–just remember they will write the reports too!!!! Take a close look at these liberal run cities–all are failing economically; they’re “Detroits in Decline”.

    Not only are federal regulations killing jobs, now cities and states want to join in the “job genocide”

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