3 thoughts on “Comrades blame capitalism for COP-21 failure”

  1. Comrades and capitalists have secretly worked together to stop the scientific revolution after nations were united in 1945 because Better Red Than Dead!”

    Despite their best efforts, ResearchGate allowed thousands of its members to read information world leaders had hidden from the public for seventy years, until just before COP-21 Conference opened.


    The game of deception failed. Now . . .

    Let The Scientific Revolution Continue !

  2. Well, yeah, it could be addressed under any number of the forms of fascism that are running rampant but would anything meaningful be a result under form of fascism? Nah. Neva hatchee. Aw faw down, go splat just as fascist totalitarianism always has and always will for lack of a free market capitalist superstructure for support.

  3. We know beyond doubt that Comrades and Capitalists started working together secretly after 1945 because all agreed to EMPIRICALLY FALSE CHANGES in the internal composition of the Sun and the definitation of nuclear stability .

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