Busted: EPA chief lied to Congress about future of coal in U.S.

This is just one example.

Two days ago, EPA chief Gina McCarthy said coal had not future in the U.S.:


But in July 2013, she told Congress the opposite:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 9.22.56 AM

She has likely made similar statements to Congress and the public at other times.

6 thoughts on “Busted: EPA chief lied to Congress about future of coal in U.S.”

  1. Well, by gar, let’s just squeeze and squeeze until we transition ourselves back to tallow candles and whale oil lamps (for those few who will be able to afford to have light in their nights. Forget about heating for anyone. Air conditioning in summer? hah, surely you jest.)

  2. “Paleface squaw speak with forked tongue.”
    do they keep a written record on their smart phones of all the lies in order to keep them straight??

  3. This is the Obama Way, an offshoot of the Chicago Way. Political corruption based on lies supported by the corrupt mainstream news media has created a mess in the WORLD! The Middle East is now a Torture and Murder Field. Climate Alarmists are trying to destroy the poor and the middle class with the Obama Way. Heck, the PEOPLE of the US are not even allowed to see the DATA that taxpayer money created for fear that the Obama Way will be exposed. The News Media is the root cause of the PROBLEM. The Media supports lies. Why? Are journalism schools run by Democrats.

  4. Good point, but she’ll wheedle out of it by claiming they BELIEVED one thing in 2013 and now they BELIEVE something else.

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