4 thoughts on “EPA chief: Coal ‘no longer marketable’”

  1. I agree Sean,
    Why is it that the government never actually counts the cost of not simply phasing something out over, say 30-40 years, while they get something ready and know it will work before the choppy way, that will hurt people and drive costs up? but they could care less, put the workers on welfare, we will be de-developed to a third world country and belong to the global socialist union if the liberals and RINOs have their way…

  2. How many people have died because of no DDT?
    The EPA dosn’t care about people dying or in distress because of regulations.

  3. The frustrating thing is that people of the EPA that are obviously causing huge pain in the USA are going to be dead by the time the real disastrous effects of their flawed science impacts on the human race.

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