3 thoughts on “Yale Poll: 85% of Americans NOT ‘very worried’ about climate — even after Pope’s visit”

  1. If 85% are not worried, then that 85% better get off their butts, pull their heads out and say so in something besides an anonymous poll. With the Paris conference looming, after the fact is too late to speak up! Think about this:

    With each and every law that’s passed
    And regulation penned,
    A little freedom disappears,
    To not return again.

    Once in play, they linger on
    And never go away,
    Control our lives, for which we pay
    Forever and a day.

  2. One wonders what the results might be if the question was phrased more accurately, and phased:

    How worried are you about naturally occurring global warming?

    How worried are you about anthropogenic global warming?

    It should result in people thinking a bit more critically.

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