3 thoughts on “Bill McKibben vs. Reality: Do Americans care about global warming?”

  1. Man made global warming doesn’t exist, it’s not even possible with today’s technology, a certainly not by CO2 .

    CO2 is plant food, full stop!

    102 times Playstation 64 vs. Reality times 6; http://media.al.com/news_huntsville_impact/photo/john-christy-climate-change-chart-0a201a1637955761.jpg This single graph is strong evidence that Greenpeace / WWF aka IPCC doesn’t understand climate science.

    This is the science they don’t understand / know / are honest about; http://climatenerd.blogspot.no/


  2. Actually American farmers already KNOW it is B.S. A 2012 survey of 4,778 farmers across the nation’s Corn Belt found that while roughly two-thirds believe the climate is changing, just 8 percent believe human activities are the primary cause. http://www.eenews.net/stories/1059970900

    I would think the United Nation’s proposed fine of trillion dollar a year against the USA is much more of a concern as is a president willing and able to sign away the sovereignty of the USA.

    Details here:

  3. Why would Americans be buying such a load of BS unless they have a farm to spread it on and a manure spreader to spread it with? And the farmers who do have those things don’t have the time to be worried about something that will not have much effect until after they’ve passed on.

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