2 thoughts on “Shut up and drill”

  1. When I was a college sophomore I took a class in the Philosophy Department called “Logic 101”. It took me all of a month to figure out that they were constantly obsessing over finding the answers to three types of questions.
    (1) The question with no answer, often one that presumes something that has not and cannot be established. An example is Bill Cosby’s “Why is there air?”, which presumes a reason for the existence of air.
    (2) The question with an infinite number of partial answers, such as “What am I?”, which has no closed form answer, and indeed the very act of trying to answer the question may change the answer.
    (3) The question with a trivial answer which nobody seems willing to accept, such as “Does God exist?” The trivial answer to this is “If you think so.”, based on the fact that the meaning of the term ‘God’ is highly individualized. The trivial answer evokes the statement: “If the term ‘God’ as you define it represents something which to you is something that exists, then God does exist.”
    The question in the tweet has such a trivial answer: Nuclear Power, but the enviros don’t want to go there.

  2. Come on. McCarthyism is alive and well and Exxon is as vulnerable as anyone else. What they don’t understand is no amount of “making nice” will help when you’re being attacked by hyenas in a feeding frenzy. Fight back or become food. Exxon has decided to become food.

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