2 thoughts on “Climate hypocrisy in Paris”


    Are we now witnessing the results of seventy years (1945-2015) of deceit

    1. Unreported events in Konan, Korea during a news blackout in Aug-Sept. 1945:


    2. Failed efforts by frightened leaders of nuclear nations (which grew from 3 in 1945 to ~15 in 2015) to hide the energy source in atomic bombs and solar eruptions that might trigger false worldwide nuclear retaliation:


  2. Polities annexed science, which is corrupt and must listen to the politicians, who want to impose their power above the power of nature. The fact that politicians and corrupt scientists, want to convince the civilization that CO2 is the main culprit of climate change, there is a complete deception and nature and the laws of nature and its power. It is good to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, to cleaner atmosphere, but an increase in consumption of natural gas, bringing profits to politicians, and science is not able to assess the consequences cause “Caverns” from which will be drawn out natural gas?
    Climate change is occurring on all planets due to mutual influence of the planets and the sun, but in a way that science does not know and does not want to understand. Time will tell. Around 44 to 46 years (one of the most important cycles) will be significant climatic changes (count from the end of the Maunder minimum), but there are many others and the strengths and weaknesses of influence. If science does not want to know, will help her future weather events,

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