One thought on “Sen. Hoeven vows to block EPA climate rules in omnibus”

  1. Homeland Security – founded by VP Dick Cheney and the GOOD OLD PARTY post 9/11. Look closer at the money this WAR on TERROR – homeland protection “agency” have grabbed. That money alone would feed the world, repair the failing infrastructure – build new schools – solar energy for everyone. Who killed the electric car? Who killed the bio fuel efforts (Willie Nelson invested in barrels of BIO FUELS) Why did Japan get the 1st TRADES DEAL on a more fuel efficient “Prius” ? Until you look at the names on the NEW WORLD ODER list attached to the Illuminati ,Skull and Bones secret society your ship will have a leak and sink! Ship of Fools. Kate, Katie, Katy Genovese another name I have generously used (Google 3 years 2012-2015)

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