EPA Chief: It’s Not ‘Extreme’ To Ban Coal, Oil, Gas Production On Federal Lands

“I think it’s a valid position for agencies and entities that are solely looking at environmental issues.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/17/epa-chief-its-not-extreme-to-ban-coal-oil-gas-production-on-federal-lands/#ixzz3roBkVfjV
The Daily Caller reports:

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4 thoughts on “EPA Chief: It’s Not ‘Extreme’ To Ban Coal, Oil, Gas Production On Federal Lands”

  1. This is a boon to Iran and Saudi Arabia, stopping our own production to become dependent on them,
    Green: The color of OPEC money.

  2. No, it is not ‘extreme’, it is mendacious.
    The Federal Government relies on a lot of revenue is generates from leases on that same land for the purpose of development of naturals resources.
    “Yes, we will lease you the land for coal/oil/gas production. No, you cannot actually produce coal/oil/gas unless you agree to meet our terms and conditions, a process that is designed to take longer than the term of your lease to comply with.”

  3. Federal land vs State Land. Under Obama as well as many GOP good old party political figures our national parks are being SOLD to oil and gas. Closed STATE parks to trim the budget crisis have resulted in an ecological failure. Who decided GUNS could be taken into National Parks? Jobs? We must stop them from Fracking in our “heritage” tree protected lands. Mining is another grab for land and income control. DISPARITY in INCOME. State beaches are under attack Ca. had another oil “accident”. If you take the time to review “accidents” the past several administrations have profited off these EVENTS. News media have a holiday, entertaining us wth their LIVE FOOTAGE of the domestic terrorist “environmentalists” vs the PRO BUSINESS agenda. Big is better for who, NEMO? Disney productions?

  4. I don’t think it is extreme to ban un-elected bureaucrats from making decisions in the name of the people, in fact I don’t think it would be extreme to shut down the EPA and jail most of the bureaucrats after examining their work, if it shows they have been lying to the people. Starting with Gina McCarthy, as she has already lied to Congress.

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